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Aedan Wolfblade

Aedan Wolfblade

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Name: Aedan Wolfblade
Age: 19
Race: Human
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Weight: 145.7 pounds
Physical description: Aedan is lean, strong, and moderately handsome. His right eye (the only visible one) is a deep ocean blue. His black hair covers his left eye. His hair is in a straight maner and curves at the front of his head. His muscles are smaller than they should be for his strength, often leading to his opponents underestimating him. He has a scar on his chest and back where an arrow pierced him, it has no effect on him besides a reminder that he isn't invincible.

Personality: Aedan has a dark personality on account of his past, his other side is a rare sight, and shows his past as a nobleman, courtly, elegent and above all chivalrous. His sense of humor is dark and morbid, but if he's in his other personality he has trouble not laughing at most things others would find only mildly humorous. Aedan holds closely to his morals, he is not some mindless mecenary. The daylight is something he disdains.He is well educated; he continued to learn as he grew older. Aedan has no sense of religion and finds it to be of no use, but if in a situation where it is necessary, he will pretend to believe. Aedan also is a devout mandola player, but he is very shy about it in public and needs to be coaxed into playing for others. Even with his dark personality, he cannot stand to see injustice and will attempt to fix what he sees. Aedan believes that magic is a gift and should not be illegal. He thinks that all people should be kind to each other, so that what happened to his family dosen't happen to others.

Possessions: Aedan has his family sword (Steel blade, full tang, ebony woood hilt wrapped in dark blue leather, Silver wolf head for pommel and ends of crossguard.), a smallish pouch on his hip in which he keeps a small crossbow. He also has several sets of identical black clothing, a silver steel alloy short sword, twin daggers with black dragon heads with sapphires for eyes for the pommels, a suit of black mail under his clothes, a black cloak with hood (enchanted to conceal his face in shadow), a small quiver of bolts, a short hunting bow with a medium amount of arrows, a pouch of medicinal herbs, a small madola, a pocket watch, and his silver crescent moon amulet.

Powers strengths: Aedan is skilled in swordsmanship and marksmanship, less skilled in martial arts, he also has a basic understanding of the manipulation and creation of fire and shadows. He can make fire from flammable objects if he concentrates.He knows but one shadow ability, that being: cloaking himself in shadow. He has a sort of "awakened" state that enhances his abilities, but currently has no control over it and it may activate at random. Its effects are myriad and varied and often times come with negative effects. Aedan can also use natural things like plants and use them to heal injuries. He is also a good mandola player.

Weaknesses: His left eye is blind with a pale blue iris, although technically it isn't blind he keeps it covered because it sees more than he wants to, its effects can be quite scarring and leave him with nightmares, although uncovering his eye is one of the requirements for his "awakening" he is unaware of this fact. He is also overconfident and dosen't back down from a fight until long after any sane person would. He is often taken by nightmares due to his previous experiences with his eye. Aedan suffers from depression as a result of his past, although he can hide it in most cases, it really comes out when he loses something he cares about.

History: Aedan grew up in a noble family in the province of Corezo. His family is originally from Keltaris, they moved to Corezo when he was very young. He was born with a slight aptitude for magic, his parents believed it would blossom later in his life. It hasn't. His left eye was a lighter shade then his right, and he complained if it was ever uncovered, often speaking of ghosts and things that happened that he shouldn't know about.

During his early life he was trained in the art of war: To lead men into battle, to use a sword and bow. He was educated in reading and writing. And learned to fight with his hands and feet in wrestling matches with his brothers.

In his early teen years his education advanced, and so did his training. His brawls with his brothers became increasingly violent and his oldest brother was shipped off out into the world. He was closest to his oldest brother and took his leaving hard. He grew more violent faster than his brothers and began winning their skirmishes.

Then when he was 16 he accidentally killed one of them in a fight. It broke his heart, and the hearts of his family. They kicked him out and he packed his things, along with the family sword, and set out alone and used what he knew to better himself and find the part of himself that he feels is missing. He is a shy person, and dosen't usually enjoy company. He also trusts very few people and is difficult to get close to, as he dosen't like people that much.

In the time after that till now he has traveled north and east. Through Hasele, Teutonia, Undenvak, and Ciasse, Until he made his way through the horrors of the Soooqui Plains. He made it to the town of Shim, The Red Chalice. That is where he is today ready to begin his new life in Thar Shaddin.

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