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Samael Haven

Samael Haven

Post by Samael on

Player Name: Nelson
Name: Samael Haven
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 6'
Weight: 210 lbs
Physical Description: Samael has straight, medium length dark brown hair with some highlights due to the sun. His eyes are green and almond shaped. Due to being out in the sun so much, his skin has become lightly tanned. He has a small build from working on his family's farm and hunting animals.

Possessions: Samael owns a hunting knife along with a bow and fletcher of homemade arrows. He keeps a small backpack to keep his bedroll and cloak in for those long nights when he is hunting.

Powers or Strengths: Archery-Samael is quite skilled when working with a bow and arrow. He is no master, but he knows how to use them.

Tracking- Being a hunter for several years, Samael has learned how to track down his prey. He can spot the broken branches and slight disturbances left behind by what he is tracking.

Butcher- Samael learned how to properly skin and butch an animal. He has also learned the anatomy of most animals. He has yet to properly master the skill.

Weaknesses: Headstrong- Samael will often rush into things without thinking things all the way through. This can be very problematic when he gets himself in over his head.

Family- Though Samael left to find work, he still cares for his family.

History: Samael was born during a fierce storm on a small farm, near the town of Shim and, to Azrael and Maeve Haven. During this time, most of their crops were destroyed as a result of the storm. With a newborn baby and losing money from the loss of crops, that was a hard year for the Haven family. Over the next several years, things would not get any better. Whenever things were looking to get better, some kind of small misfortune would strike causing another setback. Fire destroying the roof of the barn from a lightning strike or a crop plague hitting.

In order to supplement their income, Azrael bought himself a bow and fletcher of arrows from a traveling group of merchants and began to teach himself how to hunt. His wife pregnant with their second child, Azrael quickly picked up the nuances of archery. Hunting was a bit more of a problem. Disappearing for days at a time, Azrael would often return frustrated as he learned to track and kill his prey. Those nights, Azrael would head into town to drink some ale at the Red Chalice. One day when Samael was 6, Azrael returned with a nice sized buck on his shoulders. Samael ran out and met his father who was smiling the whole way.

Starting the following year, Azrael began to take his son on his hunting trips. He began to teach him everything that he had learned up to that point on his previous trips and things he learned from other hunters at the inn. Together, they were able to help keep their family afloat. In between planting and harvesting, Azrael would teach Samael how to use a bow at home. When Samael was 10, Azrael felt that it was time to let Samael try to take his first kill. Samael managed to hit their prey. Unfortunately, he only injured the deer. It was able to escape into the Virdara forest.

Chasing it to the edge of the forest, they could see the deer dead on the ground several yards into the forest. The sun was beginning to set. Azrael made a choice by handing over the bow and arrows to Samael then headed into the forest. While heading into the forest, something made a noise and began to come closer. Realizing it was one of the monsters that made its home in the forest, Azrael turned and told his son to run. Samael watched in horror as some creature grabbed his father. Turning around, Samael ran home. Crying, he informed his mother, who was 5 months pregnant, of what happened and constantly apologized to her for leaving his father.

Over the next several years, Samael began to help his mother more and more during planting and harvest. In between, he would continue to hunt deer and rabbits. His younger brother would come and occasionally help Samael skin and butcher the deer or rabbit. Once Connor was old enough to help with the harvest and planting, Samael talked to his mother about leaving and finding work in Marn. At first, Maeve was against it since she did not want to her eldest son to leave. Samael was able to convince her after a small while. Taking his bow with him, Samael left with the next passing of merchants on their way to Marn.

Re: Samael Haven

Post by Katona on

Welcome to Thar, Samael! Sorry for the wait! Everyone's been quite busy lately.

The concept for your character is good, but I feel like some of the details of his history need clarification.

You've described the family as being quite isolated from the community. No mention of family or friends, who could also potentially assist them in their times of need. This isolation wouldn't really be common in a small farming community, and especially in Shim as it's not often that outsiders would choose to settle there. If you reflect this in your app, it shows me you're thinking about the setting and how your character fits into it.

That aside, here's where I would like your app expanded: you haven't really included much about who the character is as a person, so it would be good to see more strengths and weaknesses related to who he is. At the moment, all I know about him is that he's a farm boy who can hunt; there's very little indication of his personality, his goals, his relationships, his experiences (besides his father's death), and so on.

When you're ready for me to look at the application again, let me know by posting in this thread. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to discuss your character, you can send me a pm, find someone in chat, or just ask in this thread. :)

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