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Looking for Answers

Looking for Answers

Post by Artim on

After making sure his own prisoner was securely locked away in the Justice Hall's jail, Artim pulled himself together and saw the guards he'd brought with him out. Screwups, they'd let that prisoner get away. However it appeared someone, a Judge more likely then not, wanted this Radu to get away as well as the assassin type that had nearly knocked Artim out. Since it appeared Radu was a guest of Moryldar, the Battlemage he'd be a good place to look for something of an explanation. Hence, Artim made he way over towards the Judge's office.

When he arrived Artim politely knocked on the door and then entered. He was clearly still in pain, he probably had at least a bruised rib and several cuts and bruises on his face from the pummeling Dennison gave him. Bowing slightly to the judge, which hurt considerably in his current condition, Artim said,

"Your honor. With all due respect I'd like to know the reasons behind your instructing me to let a prisoner go. Its highly...unusual."

Post by Moryldar on

Moryldar sat alone at his desk in the plain and institutionalized sterility of his white marble office. The lack of adornments, carpeting, and scarce furniture gave sounds inside the office, like much of justice hall, a reverberating echo. It was something they all got used to and learned to ignore. There was such an echo when his door was knocked on, and he looked up casually from his papers.

"Yes, come in."

It was Artim, and he looked to be in bad shape. The judge had seen him earlier in passing and noticed as much, but he didn't concern himself with the grittier details of battlemage life. Even if Artim died, it was only a peripheral concern because he would have to be replaced eventually. Hopefully whatever happened to him was nothing beyond a personal beating.

Artim bowed and the old man lifted a hand and rotated his wrist in a signal to 'get on with it' and skip the formalities. Formalities were for show, and he often appreciated it, but he was busy with his work and had other things on his mind.

"What makes you think I gave the order Artim?"
Let the tomes be your guide.

Post by Artim on

If it were anyone else questioning such an easily come to conclusion Artim might have flown off the handle. However, in Moryldar's case he had far more patience for a judge. Artim calmly looked the Judge in the eye and said,

"Your honor, I saw the wounds on the shifter and I saw the Alter on the way in. It seems quite likely that he was your prisoner or was otherwise here on your authority. This leads to the conclusion that you either issued the order or approved of it when you didn't countermand it. I don't mean to question your wisdom on this matter I'm simply curious as to the reasons so that I might provide assistance as required."

Artim simply looked at the judge with a respectful look and spoke calmly.

Post by Moryldar on

Moryldar narrowed his eyes studiously when Artim started speaking. He ignored the explanation in general and felt no need to explain himself to a battlemage... but the man said something most strange, something brief but not at all obvious.


The tone of his voice hit the floor and he actually appeared interested in what Artim might have to say next. He leaned forward and listened with his eyes searching the battlemage intently, as if they alone could rip the answer out of him without the need for words.

"What shifter?"
Let the tomes be your guide.

Post by Artim on

So it appeared Moryldar didn't know something about one of the "guests" he'd let leave, though the judge didn't seem particularly interested in expaining himself. Despite this, Artim decided to mention what he saw.

"While I was chasing the big man who'd been tortured he changed form. He had white fur and looked something like a fox. Didn't look half as threatening in that form but he was much faster. I could barely keep up. Changed back when I stopped him. Then this guy in black jumped me about the time the order came down. I did as instructed and acted unconcious after his attack. Burned him pretty good though."

Artim moved a hand to his torso where he felt the pain of every breath with his injured rib.

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