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Disturbance in the Dark

Post by Kari Thunderblade on

Faoil stroked the stallion's whithers gently, feeling the corded muscles that quivered under his coat. She had to push her sleeve up to the elbow to rub him, as her shirt was far too big and tended to hang over one shoulder and hide her hands inside the fabric of the sleeves.

The girl looked over to where Rya had been standing and noticed she was gone. "Damean," she said, tugging on the man's sleeve like a child. "Rya's disappeared again." She didn't really mind, but she figured she should let him know anyway, as it seemed he had not seen.

Faoil wondered why Rya had traveled with them for a while, only to up and leave without telling anyone. She had never understood the woman, nor did she really care to, but this confused her more then usual. Typical arrogance, she thought bitterly. She probably just got bored with us and left. That would be just like her.

Post by Anonymous on

Hakanku jumped a little as he heard the hoove beats from the immediate area, he had no love for horses, and he had only rode when there was no other choice. He looked at the horses that galloped through to the clearing, one was a black horse, the other looked white, but in the moon it seemed more like silver. He tried to wipe the worried look from his face while looking at the horses. He watched as Faoil stretched to stroke the horse. He did not hear what she first said, but heard

"Rya's disappeared again." he heard Faoil say. He did not notice her leave, but it did not surprise him, she had done it before and nor had he noticed then. He inched his way to the horses and to where Damean and Faoil where.

The City

Post by Ryalyn Kylana on

When Ryalyn drew close to the edge of the forest she began to approach more carefully and slowly. She addorned her hood, casting her face in shadow. All that could be seen were her blue eyes glowing softly in the dark. She crouched low behind some bushes at the edge of the trees. Her senses picked up all the sights sounds and smells coming from the waking city in her view. She didn't like the idea of entering but she was still curious.

She watched for signs of people in the immediate area but saw none. Ayden dropped to her shoulder and they exchanged a glance. Silently he slipped into her hood, taking on a tiny shape. Resolutely, Ryalyn stood and slipped out of the forest, crossing the boundary into the city.

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Post by Anonymous on

Damean jumped onto Nightmare's back and Offered his hand down to Foail, "Come on.. we'd better get going."

He then looked to Hakanku and then smirked, "She won't bite.. Moonbeam is a fine horse and is very kind..." As Damean was saying this to Hakanku Drogo slwoly went into the hooded part of Damean's cloak. And his yellow eyes shone from the darkness.

Post by Anonymous on

Hakanku believed what Damean had said about the horse being kind, but it made no difference, not a single horse he had ever ridden had made a good journey, every time something had gone wrong, or it had worn out before he was even half way to the destination. He raised his hand and patted the horses hind legs, slowly he worked his way to the neck, with each second growing he couldn't help but imagine the horse jerking or kicking out at Hakanku, with this in mind he quickly leapt on the white horses back.

After a few seconds of regaining his balance he looked at Damean to indicate he was ready, hiding the dread that should of been shown on his face.

Post by Kari Thunderblade on

Faoil, with Damean's aid, clammered up on Nitemare's muscular back. She couldn't help but realize that just a short while ago she would have been terrified of the beast that she was now comfortably sitting astride. She had grown a lot, she noticed, and was quite pleased with herself.

The girl looked at Hakanku, who seemed to be as nervous as she had been at first, and agreed with Damean. "Yeah, she's a good horsie," she said, nodding happily.

Post by Anonymous on

Damean smirked as Nightmare lead both itself and Moonbeam through the bush. IT's red eyes always ont he path, as where Damean's and Drogo's. They seemed to be... fixated on the path.

After a good hour or so... they came out of the woods, and the gates to the City stood tall infront of them.


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