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Disturbance in the Dark

Disturbance in the Dark

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Damean slowly smiled at his darkened counterpart that was getting ready into a battle stance as it snarled at them. Slowly Damean looked at Foail and then back to her counterpart.

"Fighting a shadow of one's self helps improve and trains ourselves to become better... to surpassour seleves and become stronger." He slowly smiled and looked at his oppenant now, slowly drawing his sword as it transformed into it's more darker self.
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Faoil stared at Damean, then at her shadow. She didn't want to fight at all, let alone herself. However, it seemed her shadow felt differently. She dove at the real girl, knife in hand. The real Faoil fell to the ground, grabbing the shadow's knife hand as the blade slowly descended towards her throat. Sweat ran down her face as she gritted her teeth together, staring into the shadow's emotionless, dead-looking eyes.

The real girl brought her knees to her chest, placing her bare feet firmly against the shadow's abdomen. With a snarl she straightened her legs, flipping the shadow off. The shadow rolled as she hit the ground, rising to a crouching position.

Faoil rolled on her stomach and pushed herself to her feet, sinking into a fighter's stance, knees bent and feet planted firmly. The shadow mimicked her position, now more wary.

An Unnatural Stillness

Post by Ryalyn Kylana on

Rya watched Hakanku expectantly with her bright blue eyes. The night was oddly silent and still despite the crackling fire behind her. Even its tongue-like flames seemed strangely subdued. The wind stirred and Ryalyn grew distracted. Something did not feel right. Slipping the food pouch back into her rucksack she straitened up stiffly and closed her eyes, her head tilted as if to hear better. Her voice sounded hushed and mysterious when she finally spoke, reflecting the suspicion she felt.

"We have company ..."


Ayden sat silently for a long time thinking and following her with his thoughts. However, he was much too distracted to pay overmuch attention to Rya's antics. He was sad and very anxious and her words seemed to echo in his mind. His lithe black panther form got up and paced and paced and paced back and forth upon the forest floor, his tough paws not making a sound as he walked upon the dead leaves and twigs littering the ground. The night seemed to grow darker as he stopped and stood for a moment. Looking up at the starry sky he closed his emerald green eyes in thought. Finally, he stalked after her in the night.

He was not far from the clearing when he stopped stark still. He had distinctly sensed something behind him. Turning to look his eyes searched the dark. He was sure something was there yet he saw nothing for whatever it was he sensed still lay deeper in the forest. Emerald eyes flared then darkened and narrowed. Turning back toward the camp he picked up the pace to a run, his form a black blur that rivaled the dark forest shadows themselves.

Training over even before it began :\

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Damean had smirked softly as he watched Foail and her shadow duke it out. But just as he was about to cheer her on and give her advice, Something told him that something or someone was coming.

Quickly he waved his hand and walked over to Faoil and the Fog dissapated. Gently he took her hand and began to walk to the campsite , "Come on... it's not safe."

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Faoil sighed with relief as her Shadow disappeared. The fog around them dissipated, and the forest around them came back into focus. She would normally have been excited, as the mist was rather creepy, but something felt wrong. If she had been in her anthro form, her teeth would have been bared and her hackles up.

Suddenly, Damean was pulling her back towards the campsite. She had to half jog to keep up with his faster pace. I hate short legs, she thought to herself. Normally she would have enjoyed holding Damean's hand, but if something was worrying him, it had to be bad.

"What's going on, Damean?" Faoil asked, looking up at him with wide blue eyes. She was getting scared, and it showed on her face.

Ayden Returns

Post by Ryalyn Kylana on

Rya, still standing stiffly, head tilted and eyes closed, focused on the presence she sensed. She was unsure of what exactly approached. What was certain to her was that it definitely was a threat. The presence was malignant and hostile.

Ugh! What is this?! she heard Ayden think to her as he sat on a branch above the still sleeping imp.

Ayden’s sudden outburst brought Rya's thoughts to the imp. Hmmm, perhaps I should wake him. But he does strike me as rather noisy... She looked up at the imp briefly before flashing Hakanku a smile.

"Think I had better wake our lookout."

Stalking over to his tree silently she sensed Ayden retreat to a more secluded spot as she leaned up against the tree casually. Filling her voice with alertness and awareness she spoke sweetly to him.

"Drogo! Oh, Drogo! Don't you think you should be keeping watch?" She smiled slyly up at him, her eyes glowing a bright and mischievous blue as the imp jerked awake startled.

Not waiting for a response she approached the fire in a thoughtful manner. Her arms were crossed in front of her, her chin resting in her right hand. She was once again standing facing the fire, her back to Hakanku. As she stood thinking Ayden watched her from his shadowy hiding place above. Feeling his eyes on her she dropped her hands into her pockets and smiled. She took a moment to reach out to him mentally giving him a warm welcoming mental hug. She was even happier to feel him return it. Her worries of the approaching danger and her decision to return faded. He was not angry. Right now, she sensed, he was much more concerned about the approaching menace in the deeper part of the forest. She felt comfort in his presence as she stood staring at the flames.

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"Something's coming.." Damean said with a straight face still looking ahead, as he pushed a bush to the side and then noticed the two figures and the campfire.

Damean with Faoil in hand, walks up and notices Ryalyn, "Did you sense it too?" He asked with a serious look on his face.

Drogo slowly rubbed his eyes and then noticed Damean and Faoil, jumping down from his watch point he landed upon Damean's shoulder, and then looked at Ryalyn with a not too serious glare, "She tricksy, Masstar..."

Damean looked and Drogo and smirked alittle, "I know... but I trust her."

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Faoil whimpered softly as she grew increasingly nervous. She did not have Damean's magical abilities, but her were side gave her some powerful animal instincts. It felt like tiny jolts of electricity were crackling across her skin, making the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stand up.

The young woman jumped when Drogo fell from the tree onto Damean's shoulder. She sighed in relief when she realized who it was, placing a hand to her chest over her racing heart. She told herself to calm down, but it didn't work terribly well.

Faoil grunted in agreement to Drogo's comment. Rya was tricky, and unlike Damean, she didn't trust her.

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Hakanku just started to enjoy the silence that covered the camp, but the silence was interrupted by Rya speaking.

"We have company ..."

It took Hakanku a few moments to take in what she had said, he didn't know what Rya meant at first, who would be out in the forest near them? Once the words settled in Hakanku began searching looking almost desperately to find what these things are, his head swaying side-to-side in what looked like random directions, all at one time. He stopped when he couldn't see anything. With his eyes closed he tried his hardest to listen out for any movement, concentrating on nothing but listening for distant sounds, his eyes fluttered open as he heard the rustle of leaves, his hand instinctively went for his sword, but he let it hover above the pommel, not drawing it yet. His eyes were wide in fear, although he tried to cover his feelings up by making it seem like he was wide-eyed to see better.

Hakanku did not see the smile that Rya had directed at him, but he did turn his head when she spoke once again. He forgot all about Drogo, he was supposed to be keeping watch over the camp, and yet he had been sleeping, this done nothing to keep Hakanku's fear at bay. He heard the rustling once again and he turned rapidly, almost ripping a muscle in his side, he saw Damean and Faoil emerge from behind some bushes, his hand was still hovering over the sword pommel, a bead of sweat dripped on to the sword.

Hakanku walked nearer the fire as Damean spoke to Drogo concerning Rya, he had no wish to join in with any of the conversations, it was not his place to speak, not that he would of. He tried his hardest once again to keep his cold exterior from cracking, his blue eyes scanning the immediate area for any sign of nearby intruders. He was now a couple of feet from Rya next to the fire, from the outside it would of looked like he was part of the group, it couldn't of been more wrong.

The Brief Reunion

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Rya vaguely noticed the arrival of Damean and Faoil, taking little notice of what Damean said. Her mind was elsewhere. Only when Hakanku drew up to the fire next to her did her mind snap out of her revelry. As she turned to give Hakanku a considering look she finally answered Damean.

"Yes," she answered, her eyes sliding away from Hakanku to survey Damean. Her voice carried a note of amusement as she suspected that he thought that was her business in their camp.

As she heard Drogo whispering to Damean, Rya turned her head back to Hakanku again sensing his reclusive nature. She found it rather curious and a bit worrying. She made to reach out and touch him on the arm to get his attention and ask him if he was feeling alright but, again, her thoughts were drawn away. Ayden sent out to her a mental shove causing Rya to drop her hand rather suddenly. We had better leave he commented, a note of warning in his mental voice. It was clear that the presence he sensed was getting too close for comfort.

Irritated that she had been interrupted so forcefully, she turned from Hakanku and stalked slowly up to Damean and Faoil, hands clasped behind her back. Her face once again portrayed amusement and yet boredom. She stopped a few feet away from them at which point Ayden dropped fluidly from the trees and smoothly onto her shoulders as a black Egyptian cat. Laying himself across her shoulders like a shawl, he stared at them with green eyes, twitching his tail occasionally with impatience. Ignoring this, Rya spoke, a sly drawl issuing from her lips.

"I suggest that your group move on from this place as soon as possible. However, as I have no say here, it is your decision. But I would like to impress upon you that what lies in the forest is most certainly something you do not want to tangle with..."

Her eyes drew away from them and gave a dark, considering look into the deeper part of the forest. Having said her piece she turned to go, walking back toward the fire to go around it. She brushed past Hakanku, looking him in the eyes and giving him a questioning look as she did so. She did not stop but continued to the other side of the camp, slipping silently into the trees beyond. It was quite clear to her and Ayden that they would have to take their chances with the city.

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Damean nodded at Ryalyn's suggestion and went to the fire immediantly putting out whatever ashes their were. He then looked at Hakanku with a emotionless look, "You going to wonder on your own?... Though I do not suggest it..."

Drogo slowly went off of Damean's shoulder and then flew onto Foail's, "Foails... why does you not trust Elf lady?" he asked with a bit of curiousity in his voice.

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Faoil heard Drogo's question, but did not answer it for a while. She watched as Rya walked away from the little group, her brow furrowed slightly with thought. Several times she opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again when words failed her.

Finally, she began to speak, her voice quiet. "Sometimes it seems like she's studying us. She reminds me very much of a cat toying with a mouse, putting her paw here or there to see what we'll do. Perhaps it's just because I share my body with a wolf, and therefore don't like cats. But none the less, she seems like she's hiding something from us."

Faoil shrugged gently, as not to unbalance the little imp. "I didn't get along very well with Raven either, remember?" she reminded him. "But as long as she never harmed me, I never bothered her. I'll do the same with Rya." She then chuckled slightly. "Perhaps I just don't like names that begin with 'r', hmm?"

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Hakanku turned to face Rya as she brushed against his side, their eyes met, but Hakanku could not tell what she had meant by it as he turned away before their eyes lingered any longer. Hakanku stopped breathing through his nose as the extinguished fire smoke rose.

"You going to wonder on your own?... Though I do not suggest it..."

Hakanku turned to face Damean, he did not wish to be alone in the forest, and he was already lost as it was, he had no chance of getting out of the forest without help. It was hard to admit it, but he needed Damean's help.
"No, if you don't mind i will go to the city with you" his mostly unheard voice remained hard when he spoke, deep down he had struggled to say it, he found it hard to depend on others.


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Despite her brisk pace, Ryalyn continued to walk silently through the thick underbrush. Ayden had long since dropped from her shoulders to roam the darkened tree limbs above. He wanted height in case anything should happen. Rya listened behind her for any signs of the others following. So far all they seemed to be doing is talking. Figures, she thought arrogantly. All they seem to be good at is standing around talking about things instead of helping themselves. If I have to go back and –

You wont Ayden thought, forcefully interrupting her thoughts.

Rya’s eyes reactively flicked up to the pitch black of the tree canopy.

As if sensing her mood he continued silkily. You’re not their babysitter. Besides, I wont let you return this time… There was a note of warning in his mental voice at his last statement. It was clear that he would not stand by and watch if she went against him again. Now was not the time to be acting rash.

Without any change in her pace she continued toward the city, busy sounds and smells wafting to her in the dark.

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Damean tossed the sleeping things to Drogo and then stretched softly, his red eyes looking up into the night sky and he smirked, "It'll be morning soon.. I recommend we get to the city by Horse back."

He then whistled intot he wind and soon, the thunderous sounds of horse hooves coming towards them, and soon both Nightmare, the Demonic Black Stallion and Moonbeam, the Silver haired white mare, slowly stopped...

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