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A Festival in Zhaltev

Re: A Festival in Zhaltev

Post by Aleksis on

He felt a shiver run through his back, an angry wolf barking in his mind. If he was an animal right now, he would be lock-legged, hair standing up straight and teeth pulled far back from his teeth. She sounded like magic, and he didn't like magic. It scared him. Prophetesses, sorceresses, witches. He had been warned about what kind of people the travelers were, but he had ignored the warning and walked the delivery over here anyways. He shivered again, his shoulders shaking. The little girl grabbed onto his head, and he turned his neck to look at her.

She couldn't be a true seer, could she? She was only a little girl. Besides, she reminded him of his littlest sister, one of the many family members he had left behind. It wasn't a physical resemblance, not at all, but she did. Maybe it was her laugh, or the innocence she seemed to have. He was thinking about going to watch the performers, despite his better judgement. But before he could put the girl down, the little kitten had said she was hungry. Alexi hated when others were hungry.

"Well, if you're hungry, I may have something for you kotyonok." He patted through the pockets and pouches on his hips, finally making a small 'ah' of discovery. The cookies were a bit crumbly, but they were thick and almost sparkling with sugar. He pulled three out of his pouches, holding them out. "There is even one for... what was it, Desi?"

Re: A Festival in Zhaltev

Post by Metarie on

Aleksis' kindness was rewarded first by the eyes widened as big as saucers, followed by one of those beatific smiles that only little children are truly capable of. Felicia scampered down from the great height, shimmying down Aleksis as easily as if he were a tree.
When her feet touched the ground, she regarded Aleksis as if he were the most awe-inspiring, wondrous, and fabulous big person she'd ever met. Felicia then reached tentatively for the cookies and when Aleksis did not snatch them away, she took one in each hand. Pressing them to her chest, she rewarded Aleksis with another one of those sunny smiles.

Desi's scowl lightened somewhat. It seemed even that fierce little pup could be bought, but only at the price of Felicia's freedom from Aleksis' clutches.

"Nais tuke!" And, at least the boy had the wherewithal to show a little appreciation. This was said around the shove of cookie into his mouth as he grabbed Felicia's arm and made a break for it. Felicia waved good-bye and ran with Desi.

A sound behind him, preceded Grandmama's return. "Ah, I think you have won friends." Grandmama nodded to herself. "Take heed of our Felli's warning, whatever you make of it. Her visions have a habit of being true. Or not! Your choice!" Grandmama laughed heartily.

"Eat more if you want it. I'll leave you to it." The woman's gnarled hand patted Aleksis' forearm before she began the chores she needed to do.


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