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Oppressors Should Say Please

Re: Oppressors Should Say Please

Post by Kala on

Kala had jumped, another one had come out of no where! Her mouth snapped shut from her ramblings and she looked around suspiciously as if another would start coming out of the walls. Pulling her hood up once more she started to run through the list of herbal remedies and their uses.

There were too many people, too many men and she was starting to feel uncomfortable. They always wanted her to do something, to follow some order, or to make something. The grumpy one snapped at them all and Kala started to head towards the door. This isn't fair! She thought, still whispering the list her mother had taught her ages ago. I need stuff to do the stuff they are asking me to make. First one says out and then another says in. And why are they all so dreary and grumpy all the time? Someone needs to feed them some good hot food. Perhaps then they would cheer up a bit.

And just to make it even more confusing, Miklos decided that they still were going shopping. Stopping in her tracks she looked between the two men, trying to figure out which way she was really supposed to go. Miklos had already started moving though so perhaps it was okay for her not to listen to the bossy man? Scampering after him Kala watched as the one bird left his arm and another one landed.

"I hope you brought enough money" She said quietly when she had caught up to him, still glancing behind to see if she would be summoned back and yelled at for the umpteenth time today. "Since practically all my supplies were ruined by....that accident, I have to start from scratch again." It was probably a good idea not to tell on the toothy female, even if it was all her fault.

Re: Oppressors Should Say Please

Post by Three on

Three felt a bit of anger rising when he saw Miklos blow him off, but he decided now was not the time to go off on him. He'd be reprimanded quietly when he returned. Beside that, it seemed the girl was traumatized by something (something small and/or insignificant, no doubt) and it would be good for her to get away. "Yes, let's go inside," Three said, his fingers creaking in numbness.

"What did you have for me?" Three said casually over his shoulder to Sebastian as he entered the doorway. He made a valiant attempt to ignore Qamra, not that he would succeed with the inane racket she was making. Still, it was business time now that they were out of the cold. What is this?

Three voiced his question immediately after, a growl showing just how he felt toward the obviously hastily tidied-up mess that had been made. He blamed Qamra, both because she was likely the perpetrator and she was likely the perpetrator.

"Qamra!", Three said once more, now quiet but still as forceful as before. Sebastian could wait (though he has probably been in the middle of a sentence). "Explain this."

Re: Oppressors Should Say Please

Post by Qamra Kalara on

The buoyancy that had caught up Qamra at Sebastian's entrance (even while she spat out phlegm and worse from a recent coughing fit) was reduced by Three's demand. "He doesn't understand," she croaked down at her whip, coiled up in one hand and easily secured at her hip. "You should understand, considering you know how flake-headed that stray of a girl is. She nearly cost me a mission with her haphazard tomfoolery. She lacks discipline." Qamra strode forward towards them, away from her training area at the far end of the narrow warehouse and towards the front door. "Considering her inability to form coherent thoughts or speech, I saw an opportunity to help her focus. This, as you put it so succinctly, is a lesson. One I dearly hope will stick."

Judging by expression and tone, Qamra did not in any way recognize what she had done as wrong or abnormal. Indeed, after responding to Three she looked past him, a congenial smile on her lips made slightly goofy by her protruding teeth. "Sebastian, good to see you as always. I trust your children are well?"

Re: Oppressors Should Say Please

Post by Sebastian Morylin on

Sebastian begun recounting the list of coworkers he had been working on turning to their cause. Though his work had been slow and little process had been made, his cover remained in place and trust had been gained on the part of the other guards. He was in the middle of explaining to Three what he thought the best possible next steps would be and who showed the most promise of being easily swayed when he noticed that the man was no longer paying attention.

His words trailed off as he took in the mess and Three's reaction to it. He imagined that he must take a similar tone with his own children when he returned home to find the house a mess and no one around to admit to their misdeeds and remedy the situation. Children. It was frightening to think that he could draw conclusions between the members of this group and ill-mannered children still learning how to obey their parents. Of course, Sebastian would not voice his fears, but this was one of the reasons why he would never be able to fully trust Paragon.

He remained silent, standing in the background, as Three scolded Qamra and intermittently listening to her excuses. It wasn't until the topic of his children came into the conversation that he spoke another word. "The children are well enough, home with their nanny."

Whenever the subject of his children came up he got this uncomfortable knot in the bottom of his stomach. He was never sure if it was a general inquiry into their well being or if it were some kind of half-veiled threat. Qamra only made matters worse. He had little doubt that under the right circumstances that she might very way see his children as delightful little snacks waiting to be devoured.

Re: Oppressors Should Say Please

Post by Three on

Three sat patiently, waiting for the conversation to continue for half a moment less than he should have before barging back into his previous discussion with Sebastian. "Apologies. Please, continue," he said in that direction with a permissive nod of his head. He tried to listen, but thoughts buzzed around his mind. He wanted to know more about what had just happened. How Sebastian could bear to have children. What Miklos thought about leaving with Kala before he himself had given express permission. Why Kala had to act up and why Qamra had to be so abrasive about it. He thought he knew why, or rather assumed. What was done was done, and no matter how frustrated he was, it was better to shut up about it for the time being. It wouldn't slide twice, though. Today was not the best day.


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