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...Bite me.

...Bite me.

Post by ExMachina on

"Oh man, I hate this part of town. It makes me feel...itchy.
I think that feeling is called paranoia. Me, a master alchemist, having to walk all the way across town to get to work. Unbelie-" He thought, before two thugs walked out from behind a building, interupting his internal monologue.

-so I see wez got a rich one heyuh, innit that right?
said the more heavyweighted thug. His wiry crony then replied,
-heh, yeah boss, real rich boss.

"listen, I don't want any trouble fellas, what do you want? cash, my clothes, my firstborne, or whatever it is your kind takes from people. just name it."

-wez want all yaz gold, comprende?

-yeah, comprende? uhh, hey, boss, whats that mean?

-it means shut ya trap you moron!

"okay, okay, let me get it out of my satchel here, and i'll be on my way."
as he said this, he felt around for the green bottle, found it, and held it above his head.

"not a muscle is to be moved, or, so help me, I will use this!"

the thugs stare at me like I have two heads, like my cousin, Vulpecula. They begin to walk towards me, and I steel myself for the beating.

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