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Curiousity killed the rat

Post by Chrishton Radu on

The kitsune watched her drop the sword and gave her a half-bow of approval, smiling weakly with the gesture. He preferred not to fight at all, but if he had to fight, he preferred it without weapons. Like magic, he considered weapons to be a cowards way out of real combat. They both had claws and teeth if it came down to it anyway.

So he decided to indulge the catgirl and stay to fight. He was quite confident in his own abilities, and it showed. She began to circle him, her head bleeding still and filling her mind with frenzied thoughts, and he stood and watched, managing to look both soft and harmless, and yet the way he seemed not to care would give most people second thoughts. It was this calmness in the face of any obstacle, which could only be brought on by either fanatical devotion or a willingness to die, that gave him his advantage in most fights.

She lunged and he let her, putting up a knee to block her shoulder in the last moment as her body collided with his. The force of her tackle still knocked the 150 lb fox over easily, but he fell without landing hard, rolling into it to absorb the shock. This put her on top of him, and quickly he made a move to grab her wrists and stop her from using claws on his face. With his knee between them, he kept her pushed back enough to stop her from biting.

His eyes were nothing but concentration, working hard to anticipate her next move.

Post by Alalia Morrigan on

Alalia felt her shoulder connect solidly with the fox-creature’s knee, sending a dull pain down the length of her arm. However, somewhere in the still rational part of her far back in her mind, she realized it was a deep tissue bruise at worst, and that it was of no consequence. Even if it had been serious, though, she would not have cared.

She struggled when he grabbed her wrists, like any wild animal would struggle when restrained, hissing and straining to free herself from his grasp. However, with her arms held tightly and his knee lodged into her shoulder, it was difficult to move forward or back. Snapping her teeth, she tried to bite him, but could not reach. Blood from her head splattered against his white fur and garments as she struggled, the sight of blood on her opponent only increasing her desire to hunt and kill.

The catgirl’s attempts to free herself slowly weakened as she began to tire. She had far more endurance than a human, but she was only so strong, and blood loss was slowly taking its toll. Before, the moon had given more than enough light to see by, but now the streets and alleyways seemed to be slowly darkening. It was becoming more and more difficult to focus on what she was doing, and her thoughts, or what remained of them in her primal state, felt slow and disconnected.

Sweat began to mingle with the blood that was running down Alalia’s face as she exerted herself, struggling against the knee wedged against her chest. Not only did it hurt and prevent her from getting to her opponent, it made it difficult to draw a full breath. She found herself panting as she struggled, her limbs feeling heavier by the minute. With one final effort, she jerked her weight to one side, hoping to dislodge the fox’s knee from her torso. In a more sensible state, she would have realized that the action would allow him to switch places with her, putting him in a position of dominance.

Locking her green eyes with his yellow ones, the catgirl looked for some trace of fear or weariness, any weakness that she could exploit. However, it seemed there was none to be found.

Post by Anonymous on

"Not this one? You don't say," Myx said while being dragged by his companion. He wracked his brain for the location of another tavern while trying unsuccesfully to ignore the nagging feeling in the pit of his stomache that said he wouldn't get his drink after all. Instict fought with reason; but it somehow disturbed him that he even considered a drink over a woman (albeit this one held a somewhat different sort of interest for Myx) so he decided to compromise.

"What's wrong with the Drunken Rat? It's a great tavern despite its name," and its usual band of misfits that often frequented the bar Myx finished in his head. All the while Myx had not slowed his pace but kept up with Jenica's forceful trek away from the tavern. There wasn't another tavern nearby Myx thought sourly to himself.

Post by Jenica Sabiny on

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The vampire stopped walking abruptly and released her hold on him, trembling. It didn't seem as strong any longer. It seemed more distant, safer...but the streetlamps were still darkened.

She looked up at them, then turned and favored Myx with a cross between annoyed and resigned. She still wanted to leave, but the desperate need to move no longer saturated her body. Instead, she'd wait, and see what happened. Because he wanted to stay.

She couldn't help but growl lightly as she brushed by him, back toward the Drunken Rat, which she could smell even from this distance. He wanted a drink, he'd get a drink. And if He showed up...well, food for the machine, that's what this one could be...

By the time she reached the door, her temper had cooled, and she was actually in a good enough mood to wrench the door open and hold it for him. She raised a brow at him, as if daring him to let chivalry get in the way.

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Blood and sweat dripped onto his face and the fox had to shut one eye to keep them out. His robe was getting ruined, stained with the results of yet another fight. It was the only cloth he had that was bound to his kitsune form, so he would be forced to wear the dirty thing for a long time. If only he hadn't given his special stain-proofed one to Anga.

There wasn't any fear to be found in his eyes, only concentration and strain to keep the feline under control. The fox even snarled at her unknowingly, showing off that there was indeed an animal buried somewhere beneath all his humour and good face.

When she threw her weight to the side he took advantage of the situation and pushed her along, rolling her over onto her back so he could get on top of her. He immediately released her wrists straddled her waist, deciding that she would then be too busy defending herself to use her claws. To make sure of this, he started throwing punches at her face, alternating with his left and right fists. He wasn't afraid to hit a woman, especially one he was keen on killing him, but he did keep from using his own claws which might have been more effective.

Even his punches were reserved. Seeing that she was getting tired, he watched her eyes before each swing, willing to stop the second she submitted.

Post by Alalia Morrigan on

Alalia felt the back of her head connect sharply with the cobblestones of the street, setting the world spinning again. However, she was quickly distracted from this as the fox began to pummel her face. She managed to block a few of the blows, but she was exhausted and dazed from her head injury, and had not been created for hand to hand combat. She was an assassin, good for quick and deadly strikes in the dark of the night, and the occasional short duel, but she was no street brawler.

Between the blows, the cat watched the fox’s eyes. There was no hate there, just focus, and even the bit of anger expressed in the snarl seemed to fade quickly. He seemed to be holding back as well, hesitating for a split second before administering the next blow. Normally, she would have attempted to take advantage of that moment, but her head was swimming and everything was slowly drifting out of focus. Even the pain from each new bruise seemed dull and far away.

Alalia was vaguely aware that her nose was bleeding, along with the inside of her mouth, where it had been cut by one of her fanged eyeteeth, and that her left eye was swelling shut. She tried to shield her face with her forearms, but that proved almost as ineffective as blocking had been.

Finally, the feline allowed darkness to overtake her, her arms dropping to her sides as she fell unconscious.

Post by Chrishton Radu on

Chrishton stopped the blows when she lost consciousness without even putting an extra one in for good measure as he would normally do. Clearly he had some qualms about hitting a female. When her eyes rolled back and their lids shut, he sat where he was on top of her, breathing heavily from the combination of exertion and adrenaline pumping through his system. It took some time for him to relax himself to the point that he was comfortable again.

He looked down at her and shook his head. Catgirls, although he hadn't met many, weren't supposed to be psychopaths. This one even looked like Leona, although they all looked like Leona in one way or another. They were uncommon enough that he couldn't help but associate all of them with her even though he knew this one was nothing like her. Hell, they were polar opposites.

A soft furred hand brushed the side of her face as he wiped the blood away to get a better look. He decided she would be cute if not for the awful wound on her head.

"What a waste."

He used his hand to clean more of the blood and dirt away, and realized that the head wound, aside from forming a nasty bump, was still bleeding. She would need bandages, alcohol, and probably some water to recover properly. Unfortunately for her bandages were all he had.

"Bandages, bandages..." He muttered to himself.

They always needed bandages. Either that or he needed bandages. Whenever a fight was done, it was time for the bandages, and since he had thus far always been on the surviving side of a fight (not counting the one time...) he'd always found a need for bandages. This was a large part of why he wore white robes and nothing else. It's not like a fox couldn't use armor, leather or otherwise, or just as well run around naked... But that would provide no handy source for bandages.

He got off of her and pulled her by her armpits into a sitting position with her back leaned against the stone wall nearby. Using his canines to start ripping at the bottom of his robe, he tore loose a neat long strip of cloth with several abrupt jerks. This he wrapped around the top of her head once and pulled painfully tight to stop the blood with another good jerk.

Crouched in the dark alley, he looked at her and wondered to himself what he was supposed to do with her. Leave her here, or take her to shelter? Was she even worth it?

He decided there was no time to get her off the street. The vampire was more important. Whoever she was, she was a connection to Bela, and she was Lasombra...

Post by Alalia Morrigan on

Alalia opened her eyes after a few hours, blinking groggily as she tried to recall why exactly she was sitting in an alley with a pounding headache. She remember something about a human and a woman- no, a vampire. Then there was a rock and a fox and a swirl of blood and sweat and adrenaline.

The strain of trying to remember only served to worsen her headache, and the catgirl reached up to massage her temples. She froze when she felt the cloth wrapped around her head. Running her fingers along it, she then held them to her nose, only to be greeted with the scent of a fox. "Why would he...?" she mumbled aloud to herself, not understanding. She had tried to kill the creature for the wound he had dealt her, but when she fainted, he not only let her live, he tended to her wound.

Stunned, Alalia sat where she was for a moment, trying to comprehend the fox-creatures motives. After a few moments, however, she gave up, deciding it was yet another odd trait of the already odd beast. Standing, she retrived her sword, then staggered out of the alley into the night.

Post by Chrishton Radu on

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