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Re: Resurrection

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**The ocean was dark, like black glass, smooth without imperfection. Grey, thickening clouds obscured the moon, turning an already dark night into a sucking, black hole that seemed to absorb all and any light. He stood on a cliff of pure granite, stems of fragile dreams sprouting beneath his feet which moved as though a breeze stirred the choking, heavy darkness. If they had a colour, it might have been grey, but the colour of the dreams was as inconsistent as their shape and length.

How did he know they were dreams?

Where was he?

Who was he?

With great effort, he tore his gaze from the dreams at his feet to look around but could see nothing. He knew there was nobody around, such was the complete emptiness of his environment, as if no other soul even existed on that place. Still, there were sounds. Weeping, wailing, shouts of dismay, cries of anguish... they came from his head, or from the dreams in the ground, or from the silent ocean... The sounds tickled his skin, though he had none, vibrated in his ears, which were not there.

Was he even breathing?

Terror began to creep into his soul, which, of any piece of him, was still intact. Terror, twined closely with... desire... And then the clouds seemed to come down from the skies above, taking misty, ephemeral shape of elves. Long pointed ears, slender, shapely bodies, vague caricatures of the real things... and weapons, fire. Anger was impossibly clear on each of the cloud-elves' faces, and there were millions of them, all coming at him with their weapons and fires.**

Piotral woke, feeling groggy and unsure of his surroundings. Fortunately, sleep lethargy prevented him from flailing about, as he would have surely hit his head on the rack above him. Taking a few deep breaths, he listened to the creaks and groans of the wood of the ship as she sat in the gentle swell of port. Ah, yes, they had come to the ship late last night, for fear of missing the sail only to find they would not be departing until that evening. The cabin was not completely dark as some light filtered in through the curtains, and the sounds of sailors beginning their day drifted in as well.

His comrade was being incredibly silent above him. The frame of the bunk was sturdy enough but only a thin mattress lay on the slats, which Piotral immediately hoped would not become a nest for lice or fleas during the duration of their trip. He questioned whether he should have chosen the top bunk after all- the perils of rolling off the bed in the middle of the night on the high seas would be preferable to contracting strange insect-borne diseases...

The weight Tyrcutio left a curious imprint showing on the mattress, leaving the blond man to wonder if his slender companion habitually slept curled in a tight ball. Smirking to himself, Piotral brought his right knee to his chest and placed his foot against Tyr's body between two slats. His heave was predictably met with an indignant, incoherent shout as he sent the hapless man flying off the top bunk.

Ever the nimble one, Tyr landed on his feet at the foot of their beds in a half-crouch, pausing there momentarily as he gathered his wits. Whatever dream he had been clinging to vanished as his mind tried to assess his current situation. He spun on his heel, glaring at Piotral who sitting up in his bed, shaking with laughter at seeing his bare-chested friend, his thick red-brown hair standing on end, reminding him of nothing more than a disgruntled house cat.

"I'll get you back," Tyrcutio promised lightly as he straightened. "It will be all too easy, I know where you sleep."

Piotral shrugged unperturbed by the threat and swung over the side of his bed, stretching languidly as he stood as well. "Were you going to sleep all morning? There's a whole ship out there to explore!"

"What are you, a birthday boy getting presents?" The scorn in the light voice was transparent despite the words as Tyr was also feeling eager to start the sea voyage, having never travelled extensively by ship before. His offer to help the crew with their duties the previous night had not been a blithe one. The ocean faring folk always regaled "land lubbers" like himself with exotic tales and extravagant stories of their livelihood. At the very least, he could learn some of the practical skills involved in sailing.

Forty minutes later, largely delayed by Piotral's particular morning rituals he insisted on maintaining for cleanliness sake, the two emerged from the guest quarters to face a new day. First matter of the morning was to find breakfast.

Re: Resurrection

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Activity on the docks was already in full swing. Up on deck, The Starling’s crew bustled about, repairing shrouds, hoisting cargo into an open hold, and caulking up the seams between the planks. Kate Burling strode up and down the length of the ship, overseeing the activity, though she relegated the giving of orders for the most part to the bosun. Her thick, smoky curls were pleated and pinned at the base of her skull, except for a few flyaway locks about her temples. Her false eye glittered like an emerald in the morning sunshine.

Before long she spotted Tyrcutio and Piotral coming up from the crew passage and made her way over to them. “Good morrow to you, gentlemen,” she greeted, still formal but a bit more open today. “Breakfast can be found in the galley if you’re hungry, first in line, first to eat. If either of you have any skill in unraveling rope, I’m sure our bosun, Mr. Turhan, will be pleased for extra assistance.”

Her lips twitched in a brief, wicked grin. Kanag Turhan was a sour-faced man of middle years, short, stocky, with a bellow like a bull. He had been a sailor all of his life, and Kate’s bosun for nearly a decade, but the rigors of the sea had sharpened his temper, and his tongue, to the edge of a razor. If Tyrcutio and Piotral offered their assistance, Turhan was just as liable to shout them off the deck as to assign them cleaning out the bilge-pumps.

Still, she reasoned, they had offered to assist…

Re: Resurrection

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Piotral and Tyrcutio simultaneously turned and bowed at the sound of the Captain's voice. Tyr's stomach growled appropriately at the mention of food. In the bright daylight, each man re-assessed Kate Burling. Piotral had missed the false eye the night before, having only cursorily looked at the sea-faring woman. It lent her an even harsher appearance, and he made a mental note to avoid rousing her wrath. The other man was more shrewd in his opinion- here was clearly a woman who knew her trade and lacked no fear of the physical and emotional challenges a life a sea presented. Though he hadn't much actual experience at sea, he was aware that female captains were far from commonplace, and this observation raised her a few notches in his regard. Not that she would care what he thought of her, anyway.

"Rope? That can't be too difficult, we shall seek out Mr. Turhan immediately," Piotral smiled affably at the woman, attempting to placate her before Tyrcutio could attempt to use his silver tongue to irritate her. "This one's stomach is audibly complaining, though, so... a point to the 'galley' would be much appreciated, Ma'am."

Tyr eyed his friend from the corner of his green eyes, more amused than anything else. His companion, in an attempt to mimic his own suave manner, managed to appear disarmingly, boyishly innocent. He had noticed the stiff reception from the Captain the previous night, again appreciative of her caution rather than annoyed. He would rather have his and his friend's lives in the hands of a competent captain on their first sea adventure than have a warm, friendly, and naive welcome.

Re: Resurrection

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Elemire leaned back against the bulkhead and held up a small piece of root. Concentrating on the root, she smiled as tender, green tendrils slowly emerged and unfurled soft green leaves. Where ever she went she always had a small piece of home with her. This fact always gave her a sense of being grounded. Elemire knew who she was.

Salovuje's sleep was a jumbled mix of two lives. A bewildered Misumi walked through a house filled with crates. Most of the crates held books and things she did not recognize, though in one she saw a favorite toy from her childhood.

Misumi drifted toward the crate holding the toy and heard a scrabbling noise behind her. Turning she saw the shape of a griffon-like creature, though not quite as large. Something in her gut made her feel as if she should keep moving through the rooms. The griffon-like creature seemed to agree as it moved off to the side away from her once she started forward once again.

Misumi looked back before stepping through another door. She didn't really need the griffon to encourage her to move on. She felt a pull, insisting she go through one door then another. Finally, she came to a small door in an unfinished room. Misumi crouched down and opened the door. Sunlight blinded her for a moment, but the need to continue ever on drew her through the door.

When Misumi looked down she realized her feet were encased in delicate sandals. This seemed right somehow; enough so, that she did not focus on it for long. A noise caught her attention - a dark horse, rolled on its side, mired in mud unable to rise. She felt she knew that the horse represented someone, but she didn't know who.

Suddenly, sunlight glistened and glittered on a river. Misumi looked at the river, dazzled by the golden, sparkling water. The beauty of it was almost painful. The river was the source drawing her in. Misumi moved and knelt upon a wooden pier. She leaned over the water and reached out her hand. There was no sensation of wet when she dipped her hand into the water. No resistance, she simply put in her hand and when she lifted it out she held a fish.

Misumi's brows drew together. The fish looked at her; it's mouth moved human-like forming words that for a small space of time she did not hear. Soon, though, the words came through.

"Remember. Don't you remember? I've been waiting for you."

Re: Resurrection

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“Rope? That can't be too difficult, we shall seek out Mr. Turhan immediately,” Piotral replied to her. “This one's stomach is audibly complaining, though, so... a point to the 'galley' would be much appreciated, Ma'am.”

The corners of Kate’s lips tilted upwards with amusement. It could hardly have been called a real smile, but it did manage to soften her appearance enough so that she seemed somewhat approachable. She tilted her chin in the direction of a passage leading belowdecks, not the same that Piotral and Tyrcutio had come up, but one just adjacent to it. “Down this way. Follow me.”

Kate had already had her breakfast a little after dawn, but it wasn’t unusual for her to pop down to the galley for a mid-morning snack, so the cook wouldn’t think to ask questions. Besides, if these two were set on being travel companions, she thought it would behoove them all to get to know each other better.

The fish didn’t wriggle or squirm, only undulated its body in a smooth, natural rhythm. It continued to gaze at her passively, almost expectantly. Again its mouth moved. “The storm is coming. You must keep yourself safe.”

A cloud passed in front of the sun, and within moments the glimmering river was dulled and mired in mist. The fish closed its little eyes and sagged against her palm. “He is hiding behind the storm,” it whispered. “He’ll try to catch you while your back is turned. You must stay safe. Remember. Don’t be afraid to remember.”

A loud noise cut through the chill air… the horse on the bank. It kicked its legs and tossed its head about, then lay still again, watching her. It studied her with black eyes tinted with red. The fish in her hand quivered.

“Remember. It’s safe to remember…” With a twist it slipped from her grasp and plopped back into the water.
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Re: Resurrection

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The two men followed the Captain docilely down the passageway, having to occasionally press themselves against the wall of the narrow halls as sailors hurried out the opposing direction. Each man took careful note of the way to the galley, thankful that Kate, though brisk, did not seem to be in such a whirlwind hurry so as to lose them. As the corridor eventually opened up to a space not much larger than the "guest" quarters, Tyrcutio noted that every space, nook, and cranny served to stow any sort of necessary items like extra tableware, glasses, food, and cooking utensils. Such was the naval way of making due with limited storage capacity. Piotral sniffed they air almost delicately, the scent of food heavy in the enclosed spaces belowdeck.

The few sailors still lingering with mugs of coffee looked up at their captain's entrance, and for fear of being chastised for slacking on their morning duties, hastily downed the remainder of their beverages before excusing themselves. A couple gave slightly critical, apprising looks to the two men she had in tow before skittering out of the galley.

There was a serving line on the far side of the room and it was clear they were expected to simply help themselves. Stacks of plates, silverware, and cups were placed at the beginning of the line on a table and the two men, equally famished, did not hold back spooning thick globs of oatmeal onto their plates. There were only three boiled eggs left on the serving buffet, and Tyr, being faster than Piotral, carelessly snatched two, leaving only one for his friend. The blond man, deciding to behave himself, restrained himself from throwing an orange at Tyr for his blatant selfishness.

Piotral called out a thanks to the unseen cook, and the two, plates full, mugs in hands, sat down on the benches at one of the two long tables. Politely, for none could accuse the gentlemanly adventurers of not having manners, they waited for Kate to join them, as she seemed inclined.

Re: Resurrection

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Misumi sat up, hand to her head, and looked around. Everything was a fuzzy blur. So, she squinted her eyes. She recognized Elemire, by shape if not by definition. The whole room seemed to shift and sway back and forth. A seagull screeched, clueing her in to their location and the reason why the room swayed.

The dream was still fresh in her mind. "My glasses?"

Elemire slipped from the bed. "The coat pocket. Welcome back."

"I had a very odd dream. I must write it down before I forget it." Misumi found the coat and put on her glasses, followed by the taking up of notebook and pen. The only sound in the room was the sound of the pen softly scratching over the paper as Misumi carefully captured her dream. Once she was done, Elemire filled her in on where they were, who had joined them, and the shadow creature.

"I wonder how it found us..."

"I am not sure."

"When do we set sail?"

"Tomorrow. Are you hungry?"


"I have rations or we can see if the galley is still serving."

"Let's save the rations for when we need them."

Elemire nodded and stood. "Come then. I believe the galley is below decks."

When the two women arrived in the galley, they would find Piotral and Tyr waiting for Kate to take a seat. Getting meals of their own, the women sat by the two men.

"I hope you don't mind if we join you." Elemire offered one of her slight smiles as they took a seat. Misumi studied the two men in curiosity.

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More in the mood for a snack than a second meal, Kate put a few small, hard-baked biscuits on a plate and poured a mug of coffee. She made her way over to the table and sat down across from Tyrcutio and Piotral. When she spotted the two ladies, she waved them over to the table.

“I hope you don’t mind if we join you,” Elemire said.

“Company for breakfast is one of life’s small pleasures, Lady Elf,” Kate replied, dipping one of the biscuits into her coffee. “Mealtimes are a more breezy affair while The Starling’s in port, but once we’re on open water, I’ll warn you all now that schedules tighten up. Midday and evening meals are normally in two shifts. First shift is rowdier, but the food tends to be better. If you happen to miss a meal, cook will feed you in exchange for assistance in the galley. ‘The sea gives nothing away,’ we say.”

Each table had jars for salt, pepper and honey, secured against the sway of the ship by metal brackets. Kate reached for the honey pot and spooned a liberal amount on her softened biscuit, then popped it into her mouth. For the first time she noticed the spectacles perched on Salovuje’s nose. And behind them… there was an openness, a curiosity to her gaze that seemed childlike in comparison to yesterday…

Kate smiled and wiped her mouth with a napkin. “I wager you are Misumi.” She stood and extended a hand in greeting across the table. “I’m Captain Kate Burling. Nice to make your acquaintance.”

No doubt this would baffle Tyrcutio and Piotral to no end, since Salovuje had not divulged that she shared a body with Misumi when the two men first came onboard. But Kate saw no point in keeping it secret from them, especially when it would be impossible to maintain in the end.

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Tyrcutio immediately processed the change in the dark-haired female's demeanor, being habitually faster at noticing these things than his blond companion. From the moment the elven warrior and scholarly human walked into the galley, he padlocked on her movements. Piotral, having sat facing away from the entrance way, half-turned as he saw Tyr's green eyes turn away from the table and likewise watched the two women gather their meals. To his credit, he also noticed the change in the smaller lady, though it did nothing to diminish the wide smile on his face.

As the Captain welcomed the two to their table, explained ship rules, and addressed the bespectacled woman by a different name than what was given the previous night, Tyr sat back to watch his friend's attempts to charm this "other" lady.

"Misumi, is it?" Piotral started unerringly, predictably prompt at his insertion into the conversation. "I am Piotral Benvoli, at your service." He gave a deep bow of his head to serve in place of a more formal gesture. "'Tis a name as pretty as 'Salovuje', though I must admit it gets points for being easier on my clumsy tongue."

Tyr gave a sidelong, openly doubtful glance to Piotral. The blond man was picking up his bombastic way of greeting more easily every passing day they spent together, but his youthful, honest looking face and blue eyes made his words seem more genuine and less suspect than his sometimes did. Swallowing his mouthful of oatmeal, the slightly smaller man offered a more reserved smile to the others.

"I'm Tyrcutio Mercurion, also at your service, probably more appropriately so than 'Salovuje', as it was your name penned at the bottom of the advertisement we came to inquire after. Alas, I have but my one name, and do not go by any other, but if it would please you, Tyr is a nick this lummox has coined for me." He hoped to have balanced just enough honest wariness and sarcastic humour to insert himself as the more practical one than Piotral.

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Misumi leaned in and clasped the captain's hand.

"Elemire told me that we'd found a ship. I'm glad."

As she took a seat, the two men greeted her as well. Piotral was a stocky version, sort of, of Yyan, which led her to be more inclined to trust him than she already would. It must have been the blue eyes and blonde hair. It also didn't hurt that she was not as world-wise as pretty much everyone else. Intuition did not cast any red flags, therefore she smiled at the man genuinely and even with the hint of a slight blush creeping up her cheek at the man's bald flirting. His friends slightly doubtful glance made the blush a little more apparent. She interpreted it as Tyr implying his friend was crazy to flirt with her at all. Misumi broke eye contact and looked down at the plate of food.

"Yes. I wrote the offer. Thank you both for joining us. I hope it is worth your while." She gave a little nod and glanced to Kate. THe fish's warning was still fresh in her mind. Protect yourself. A storm is coming. .

"Captain, are you aware of any storms predicted? How do we protect against them on ships? I've never been to sea before."

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The rising temperature inside the smuggler’s hatch eventually made it impossible to sleep. With an aggravated grunt, Yyan disentangled himself from the blanket and hunted for his clothes. No one was around to see him slip out of the cargo hold, roughly finger-combing his hair and trying to make sure his tunic wasn’t inside-out. On deck, the crewmen were far too distracted with preparations to notice him.

A bracing wind blew up from the sea, and Yyan leaned his face into it, allowing its salty chill to bring his senses into full wakefulness. He cast his gaze to the west, toward their awaiting horizon.

By the Guardian’s starry eyes...

“We’re like as not to encounter at least one storm on this little excursion,” Kate replied to Misumi’s question. “That’s why the crew is shoring up The Starling as we speak. If we meet a particularly nasty grey-head, I can always clonk you over the head and hide you away in my bunk closet.” Her face split into a wide, mirthful grin. “Don’t fash yourself over it, Silk. My men know how to ride a bucking ship, and I’ve sailed through a second lifetime of foul weather. My Starling will fly true for you.”

She may need to fly faster than ever.

Yyan’s voice addressed the entire group seated at the table. He stood in the galley doorway, his eyes locked on Kate. We have a monster closing in on us.

Kate sprang to her feet. Yyan stepped aside for her as she left the galley, then tossed a glance at the others. You may want to come up and see this. Without waiting for any reply, he turned and followed after the captain. He drew up alongside her on the forward deck as she peered through her spyglass over the starboard railing. An inky darkness obscured the far horizon.

“It’s moving fast.” Kate lowered the spyglass and all but glared at the swelling clouds. “We can’t wait on sunset. That’s a ship-killer, making ready to swallow us as soon as we take to open water.”

It’s still far off, he said. Are you certain it won’t turn aside?

“Oh no… it’s on our scent.” Kate ran her tongue over her lips with a grim smirk, an expression Yyan recognized, and he didn’t know whether to be concerned or relieved. “Gather your gear and supplies and be back on the ship before noon,” she told him. “If we can clear the harbor beacon before the waves start chopping the shore, that grey monster will drive us a third of the voyage before it gives up the chase. If we survive, we’ll save at least two weeks.”

If we survive!

“What’s amiss, old man? Outgrew your sense of adventure in the night?”

Yyan’s face contorted with variations on indignity, terror, outrage and disbelief. Unable to muster any suitable reply, his turned his focus back to his companions.

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Tyrcutio cast a small, cross look at Yyan as he appeared at the entrance. His untimely interruption prevented the red-haired man from questioning Misumi further about her two names and glaringly differing personas. Eagerly, predictably, the Captain answered the beckon of the mind-speaker. The two seemed familiar with each other, even moreso than he and Piotral who had been friends since their early teens.

Piotral allowed the elven warrior and Misumi to depart first, graciously offering not to bowl them over in his excitement to see what Yyan was clamoring over inside their heads. Undoubtedly, part of the delay was to put more distance between himself and the other man, though he was able to mask some of his distaste in gathering up the plates to give them to the cooks. Tyr actually followed closely behind the two women, is interest piqued despite his annoyance.

A third of the trip? Two weeks? Tyrcutio blinked, feeling his own sense of adventure rise above the ominous sensation behind the storm clouds. "Well, we might as well be blasted into this trip, rather than inching our way to our destination. My good Captain, Piotral and I have all of the belongings we need. If you are in need of extra hands to hasten the preparations, ours are yours to direct."

His blond companion emerged from below just as Tyr was offering their services. He looked a little more doubtful at the oncoming storm, in part because it seemed so far away. Not one to question the aptitude of those obviously more capable than him, Piotral gave a small shrug and smiled encouragingly at Misumi.

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Elemire rose silently and gracefully from the table, deftly placing Misumi's and her plates where they belonged. Misumi looked to Yyan, happy to see him, but concerned by the grim tone in his voice.

"Thank you," she murmured generically for both Elemire and the men, before following after the Captain with Elemire close on her heels.

At the Captain's comments she glanced to Yyan and Elemire. "We did our shopping yesterday. I think we are ready to go." Looking to Tyr, she nodded.

"I'll help, too."

Elemire just stared into the distance, pupils wide. Her comment was directed to Yyan.

I do not think this is wholly natural. Should the Captain have magics available to protect the integrity of the ship and her passengers, it should be employed. I will do what I can... With that, Elemire moved away from the ground and headed back to her things.

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If that storm is natural, then I’m a duck, Yyan agreed, casting a sidelong glance at Elemire. Do whatever you think is best. I have no knowledge of weather magic, but something in the air smells rotten. Let me know if I can assist.

He watched her move back towards the captain’s cabin, then turned back to face… Ah.

Misumi. Despite his concern, Yyan found a friendly smile for the young scholar. I hope Elemire was able to fill you in on yesterday’s…adventures.

Turning his back on the bruised horizon, Yyan considered their course of action. Aye, I think our supplies are adequate, he mused. But there are still several things we left behind at the tavern. We weren’t expecting last night’s visitor. He frowned momentarily, then lifted his eyes back up to their newest companions. The guarded look he had maintained since the previous night dropped from his gaze, and he offered Tyrcutio and Piotral a faint yet amicable grin. I could use some assistance if you’re willing. Misumi should stay aboard with Elemire and the captain.
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Piotral couldn't help but drop his gaze from Yyan's as he spoke. Tyr noticed the discomfort of his friend, and hastily stepped up, hoping to distract from him lest he become a wedge in their effort. "We'd be more than happy to lend a hand. We could use the time to get to know each other further if you'd like."

The ruddy haired man gave a harder look at the taller man. In the morning sun, he had shrugged off the suspicion and seemed a little more approachable. The voice in his head also seemed to be more... flavorful than a normal, vocal expression. There was a tenuous opening for trust that would have been more difficult to grasp in a voice conversation.

The blond cleared his throat, perhaps out of embaressment, and hastily excused himself, but not before flashing a winsome smile to Misumi. He ducked belowdeck briefly, but before Tyr could do much more than shrug, Piotral was back, holding both their swords. "It's not that we don't trust you, but we wouldn't want to miss the sailing if we were unduly held up by some unexpected delay."


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