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Re: Resurrection

Post by Metarie on

In the Captain's quarters, Elemire opened her pack. A concerned look wreathed her features as she stared blindly at the contents. Each thing was neatly wrapped and packaged; well-known by shape alone. Breaking the brooding feeling that threatened to overwhelm her, she slipped her hand within the pack and pulled out a hardened leather case covered with Elvish script. The box tingled under her fingertips. There was no time to waste. Decisively closing the pack, Elemire exited the cabin and moved to the bow of the ship.

There, she opened the case. The scent of the arcane filled her nostrils. Elvish script also filled the interior. Elemire reverently removed one of three writing implements. Silver bark gleamed between her fingers as she began to write upon the wood. As she wrote, she spoke; infusing the spell with her will. A soft glow trailed after the stylus as she wrote.

Jhadia Ai shaeraes si
Ei maer sai vyraes
Jhys Ai shaeraes si
Mael sai vyraes
Shaeraes si mys
Ai vae On Tia Tharaes
Caer eir thys cas
Ai vae On tia Tyraes
Kal maraeria thys eir shai vodi sor baeraer*

Elemire continued along the boat, writing and speaking, a trance taking hold of her. Lady, let it be enough...

Misumi... The familiar voice made a broad smile appear on her face. "Yyan. Yes, she was." Misumi nodded, a grave looking coming over her face. She worried that she had gotten them all in over their heads. Misumi listened as the others talked and watched Elemire as she headed back to the Captain's cabin. Tyr, as he introduced himself, spoke and she looked to the pair of them.

Piotral smiled at her before he disappeared below decks, so Misumi gave him a smile back. He seemed nice. She liked the pair of them. They were like a heroic pair she might read about in her books. Misumi was glad they had decided to join.

"I'll do what I can. Just tell me what to do. I read about knots once. I'm sure I could do them right." Misumi gave the Captain a shy smile, looking between Kate and Yyan, letting the woman know she would not be useless and wanted to help.

(*OOC: Lady I beseech thee/A spell to protect/Lord I beseech thee/Strength to protect/Weather the storm/I pray Oh My Father/Keep all from harm/I pray Oh my mother/Grant safety for all who ride this vessel)

Re: Resurrection

Post by Yyan on

Kate grinned at the young lady’s eagerness to be helpful. “Knots, eh? Come with me, then. We’ll let the boys to play courier while we get some real work done.” She turned and pointed a finger at the three men. “Mark me now. Noon and no later.” Then she bade Misumi to follow her across the deck. An open barrel stood near a pile of old and fraying ropes.

“I won’t need you for knotwork here, but this will assist the crew.” Crouching near the pile, Kate drew a length of rope across her knees. It was dry and brittle, and came apart easily when she wedged her fingers between the coils and pulled. “The men’ll use this stuff to make oakum,” she explained as she reduced the piece of rope to a pile of shredded fibers. “That stoppers leaks and seams between the planks. Rather important for us, aye? Oh, here.” She drew a knife from her belt and set it down at Misumi’s feet. “Use that to rip it up if it tangles.”

After Kate left with Misumi in tow, Yyan ran back to Kate’s stateroom for his staff and rejoined Tyrcutio and Piotral at the gangplank. The ladies and I were staying at an inn within the city, he told them. We should be there and back in less than an hour, if nothing unexpected waylays us. His tone conveyed that he believed such a thing was possible. First the spectral attacker last night, now the storm bearing down on them… he sensed dark forces at work.

Yyan also sensed Piotral’s continuing discomfort each time he spoke. Remembering his conversation with Kate last night, he realized that he had a bit of explaining to do before hostilities broke out. But such explanations would have to wait until they were back on board The Starling. If they did run into trouble, the last thing Piotral needed would be his voice filling his mind and causing distraction.

Re: Resurrection

Post by Jaspenellar on

"Lead on," Tyrcutio offered with a hand gesturing toward the gangplank to Yyan. The two men strapped their belts and scabbards with practiced ease while they followed Yyan off the ship. Once off the narrow bridge securing the ship to shore, Tyr fell in stride with the mind-speaker. He presumed the man was mute, having to resort to magic or perhaps had an innate ability to overcome his physical limitations. His manners restrained him from vocalizing his curiosity, but he was intrigued by the cause of Yyan’s voicelessness nonetheless.

Piotral remained half a step behind the two, his mind more distracted by assessing their female companions, though not entirely prompted by his avoidance of thinking of Yyan. He paused for a moment as he wondered if the mind-speaker was a mind-reader as well. Almost fervently, he began thinking of the women again, as if that would prevent the possible mind reader from discovering his suspicions.

His blond companion seemingly engrossed in thought, Tyr attempted to make some conversation despite the brisk pace Yyan was setting. "Have you known the others long?"

Re: Resurrection

Post by Metarie on

Misumi gamely followed after Kate, replying in all earnestness. "Yes, knots."

“I won’t need you for knotwork here, but this will assist the crew.” Misumi stood for a moment, hands clasped politely behind her back, then kneeled down beside Kate. She watched Kate's fingers, but looked up at Kate when the woman spoke again. Sunlight glinted of the lenses of her glasses as she nodded. Oakum. Misumi filed the word away. She had read it before, but lack of experience had her imagining oakum as something different. Misumi grinned a little.

“That stoppers leaks and seams between the planks. Rather important for us, aye?

"Yes, it is. I thought oakum was a kind of tar, not rope fragments. Is it boiled down?" She reached for the first piece and dug her fingers in as Kate had done; although not as expertly. Misumi looked up at Kate again and gave a smile and a nod.

"I will."

Turning her attention back to the rope, Misumi was the study of concentration. Her brows were drawn together and her teeth pressed into her bottom lip. Every once in a while she would sneeze as loosened fiber from the rope drifted up and floated around her. Misumi paused only once and that was when Elemire came near. The elf seemed to be in a trance as her lips and fingers moved in graceful, flowing arcs. A deep, natural magic was happening before her very eyes and Misumi was awestruck. Her jaw dropped open a little.

On the backs of Elemire's hands, along her throat, and the sides of her face was a delicate pattern that looked like leaves. Misumi wasn't sure, but it seemed to be either fern fronds or ivy. The elf also seemed to be a shade paler than she had been. The healthy golden tone to Elemire's skin seemed more sallow now. Misumi frowned but did not interfere. The elf was trying to protect them in the only way she knew how and so would she. Misumi returned her task with renewed vigor, intending to dismantle at least one whole coil before the men returned.

Re: Resurrection

Post by Yyan on

Meeting Misumi’s question about the oakum with a smile, Kate pointed to a small cast-iron vat that was being brought up from one of the storage compartments. “The ropes get treated with tar. Smaller mess, and it dries faster and plugs better.”

The sun was climbing higher, the brilliant light cutting a sharp contrast to the chilling breeze coming off the sea. Squinting with her working eye, Kate alternated glances between the slate-grey horizon and the elven warrior. When Elemire drew nearer, the captain suddenly blinked and pressed a finger beneath her nose as if suppressing a sneeze. “Exotic magic, that is,” she remarked. “Smells like…” Tentatively she sniffed the air. “Aye, smells like ancient woods—” The sneeze escaped her hold explosively. “Phew… that’s powerful stuff. I just hope all this seawater about won’t drown its potency.”

Yyan paused to glance back over his shoulder at Piotral before answering Tyrcutio’s question. He debated including the tall blond in his response, so that Piotral would not feel excluded from conversation, but ultimately decided against it. He was already uncomfortable with Yyan’s speech, and subjecting him to a conversation that he really wasn’t part of seemed impolite.

The ladies? he said to Tyrcutio. His lips twitched in a smile. A day longer than you, actually. Misumi’s notice caught my attention shortly after she first posted it. Then Elemire found us. The smile subsided into a thoughtful look at the street ahead. I had only met Salovuje yesterday morning.

The breeze picked up. It was cold and salty, fresh off the ocean, but to Yyan it had a sour undercurrent, an unnatural feeling that made his skin prickle. They were above the harbor now, and the horizon was unblocked from view. Yyan blinked, altering his sight, and gazed at the stormclouds. They appeared black within the smeared and colorless world, every billow and roiling vapor outlined sharply as if sculpted by a razor.

Suddenly his feet went out from under him. Startled back into his normal sight, Yyan felt a wave of dizziness roll away and realized he had walked right into a ditch. Flushed and unnerved, he scrambled back up and fiercely avoided looking back out to sea. We need to hurry.

Re: Resurrection

Post by Jaspenellar on

Tyr was a perceptive man- the fact that Yyan had left the Captain of the Starling out of his run down of the others left him inclined to think the mind speaker had some previous relationship with that one in particular. He also noticed the change in Yyan's gaze, as if his strikingly blue eyes were not focusing on the town scene in front of them. The ruddy haired man followed the taller one's gaze, but could not discern anything other than the distant storm clouds.

Tyrcutio turned his head to query his companion and saw the misstep before Yyan fell, but Piotral was in a better position to help Yyan to his feet as he toppled awkwardly. Surprisingly, without hesitating, the blond man caught the other one under the arm and hoisted him to his feet. He had noticed a look exchanged between Tyr and Yyan a few moments before the tumble, but couldn't decide if he felt relieved or distrustful from being left out of the conversation. Piotral was not one to begrudge even an intrusive mindspeaker though, and he recognized the necessity to be civil to Yyan.

"Careful there, you're likely to twist your ankle, chip a bone, get an infection, and before you know it, you've lost your leg to gangrene!" He forced a smile at Yyan, speaking a little too loudly.

Tyr couldn't help but grimace at his comrade's overly loud tone. He also rolled his eyes at Piotral's hypochondriac tendencies but felt inwardly relieved that the larger blond man was trying to make an effort to be friendly toward Yyan. The urgency in Yyan's tone was contagious and with a general sense of uneasiness, the three men returned to their brisk trot back toward the tavern whose poster had brought the adventurers together.

Re: Resurrection

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