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1: Into the Gray

1: Into the Gray

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There are those who are of the Gray. There are those who are of the Home. Some can exist in both. Legends tell of those who can make the Gray and the Home one... or none.

It was just a scratch... right? Ari stared at herself in the bathroom mirror and then looked at her left arm. Four thin, red lines angled across her palm and the underside of her forearm. The color wasn't good.

"Ugh." She felt like crap. That last bout hurt badly. Ari stepped to the linen closet to retrieve a washcloth. Turning the faucet, she placed the small, white square beneath the clear water; squeezing the fabric until the cool water had thoroughly soaked it. Ari closed her eyes and laid the cold, wet washcloth over her face. The chill was a relief to her prickling cheeks and watery eyes. The white of the cloth made everything seem brighter behind her closed eyelids. Wiping the cloth across her face, Ari dropped it to the sink. She paused for a moment, wondering and considering whether her stomach was going to have another go. It felt like it, but she really hoped not. All she really wanted to do was sleep.

Catching up a pitcher that had seen better days as a dispenser of iced tea, Ari went back to her bed. She'd rest as much as she could. If only her stomach wasn't churning. If only her head didn't hurt so bad. If only that scratch didn't sting so much. It was just a scratch... right?

Crawling into bed, Ari built a nest out of her pillows and willed her stomach to settle down. She felt overly warm. Closing her eyes, Ari drifted off into a fitful sleep. There was a dream filled with whispers and shadows that moved in the periphery of her vision. Ari woke briefly and looked around her darkened room. Then her head fell back to the pillow and she slept again. In her dream the cat didn't really look like a cat anymore. The cat-not-cat's neck was too short, as if its face sat straight against its neck. Ari picked it up. The cat-not-cat jumped away. Her arm burned as the creature used her left arm as leverage for its leap. Then, the thing was just... gone; as if it had never been.

Ari woke in a tangle of covers. At some time during the night she had done an almost 180 degree turn. Half the pillows were on the floor and the bedding was twisted around, over, and under her. Blearily, Ari realized that the sun was having a losing battle with a steady stream of drizzle. The result was a grey and yellow cast day that made her want to pull the covers back over her head. Unfortunately, the alarm followed within seconds of her having that thought. Sitting up, Ari was a dishevled mess. Absent-mindedly, Ari scratched at her left arm. Working the taste out her mouth, she glanced to her arm. The marks were not so angry looking, but the palm and arm still ached. Perhaps a shower would make things better.
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Some questions:

How old is Ari? Does she have a job or is she a student?

Is this a recurring dream or has it only just started?

Is this set in modern times? A fantasy realm?
Fountain of blood in the shape of a girl.

please say modern times...please say modern times....sorry...just Devvo original storyline was nowadays...but i kinda like where he's going in this setting with blowing up his whole town...he he...oh btw... I like dots. FOR I AM THE DOTMASTER!!!

Devon wrote:please say modern times...please say modern times....sorry...just Devvo original storyline was nowadays...but i kinda like where he's going in this setting with blowing up his whole town...he he...oh btw... I like dots. FOR I AM THE DOTMASTER!!!

Yup. Modern. I like using the ellipses, too. I think that's what it is called... Jen?
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Jenica Sabiny wrote:Some questions:

How old is Ari? Does she have a job or is she a student?

Is this a recurring dream or has it only just started?

Is this set in modern times? A fantasy realm?

Err... As I mentioned, the idea just bubbled up in my head starting with "It was just a scratch, right?" and move on from there. :) Let me see...

Late 20's

Scratching slightly behind her ear, Ari slid off the bed. Not for the first time did she wonder why she thought she needed a bed that sat higher than a normal bed. She wasn't all that tall after all. No matter, at least her stomach wasn't roiling anymore. Clad in a tank top and boy shorts, Ari shuffled into the kitchen. First stop, coffee. The steps were routine - paper filter, count scoops, fill with water, push the switch back and forth until the thing decided to work. A yawn split her lips.

Ari rubbed her eyes again as she walked to the bathroom. Another routine - water on, hand in to make sure it was hot, but not too hot, disrobe, step in... and groan because it felt good. Face up, eyes closed, Ari let the water run down on her head. Motivation kicked in fairly quickly. Applying shampoo and conditioner was the first thing to do. Ari had long, dark brown hair that had an unruly nature. Leaving the conditioner on for a long time was the only way to guarantee waves and not a frizz that made her look like a mad woman. Soap was next and then rinsing off. The shower took fifteen minutes tops unless there was other maintenance to do - woman things that were a social necessity. Blah on that, she thought. I'm fine. The rest of the morning routines went as usual, as well.

With a towel wrapped on her head and around her body, Ari wandered back into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee.

"Nnh. Coffee good." Why she felt the need to say that outloud was something she sometimes wondered about but shrugged off. Best to leave off analysing such things, that only made her feel neurotic. Three cups of coffee, a blow dryer, and 45 minutes later, Ari's hair was finally dry. Staring in the mirror, the sight was normal. Her dark hair fell in waves around her face, slightly poofy because of the blow-dryer. Additional conditioner was applied to solve that problem. Her eyes were dark, too, the color of a certain Irish stout. Her mouth was full-lipped; some even said sensual. Her body was neither slim nor fat; alright perhaps a little. At 5'3, she was curvy and a little chubby, sort of like Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones' Diary movie. All in all, though, at the age of 29 Ari was what she called "reasonably attractive." She was also one of those women who were clueless when someone found her attractive.

Clad in her undergarments, Ari cast a glance around her room. Deciding what to wear to work took longer than expected. Business casual was the required attire, but Ari had been given some feedback that she needed to be more business and less casual; particularly in the cleavage department. Unknowingly, her breasts seemed have a secret life providing cleavage peep shows at unopportune moments while she was at work.

"Right." Ari nodded. Ari pulled on slim-fitting black pants, a royal blue camisole, a black cardigan started her off. A scarf was tied around her neck and allowed to hang down to keep her breasts from going on parade. Lastly, a pair of boots, with just enough heel to bring her height to a towering 5'5. Make-up and earrings followed. Although she didn't like to wear make-up, she had to admit it did enhance her facial features. By the time she left the house, she was minty-breathed and well put together.

A glance at the clock in her car showed she was running a little behind schedule. "Oh, well... Que sera sera, right?" Waiting at the few lights between her house and her job did make her a little antsy. Ari did not like to be late, she just was... often. Hands at 10 and 2, Ari looked around while she waited then stared at the light willing it to change. A shape moved in her peripheral vision, a single shape. Ari frowned and looked around again.

All around her everything was in a moving blur as if she were the only real, solid, non-moving object. Well, her and one other person. A man, who seemed to be standing still, but moving towards her at the same time. Ari's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open slightly.

"Wh-what... ?"

I hate to interrupt. But what are ellipses? Anything like eclipses?

He watched her, it hadn't been the first time, but this time it was different...

Before if she'd seen him, it was nothing more than a fleeting glance. Maybe she had realized that she'd seen him, but he doubted it. He just stood there on the corner watching her, as usual. Though, this time, her eyes locked on to him, fixed upon his own. No, ofcourse not, his imagination was acting up again. No one had seen him in over...well a very long time. Still, her eyes, beautiful and piercing at the same time, seemed to peer through the windows of his own. He didn't like the feeling he was getting, and with his mind made up, he jumped behind the corner, and merged with the shadow cast behind it, from the early morning.

"Those eyes, there's no possible way she seen me. No, ofcourse not. Your just running that crazy little mind of yours again." He laughed, "maybe you just wanted her to see you. Not like it would really be the first time."

All around her everything was in a moving blur as if she were the only real, solid, non-moving object. Well, her and one other person. A man, who seemed to be standing still, but moving towards her at the same time. Ari's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open slightly.

"Wh-what... ?"

She blinked. She blinked and suddenly there was blaring noise; the blaring noise of several cars being held up as she sat with her mouth hanging open. The scree sound as the wipers moved over the glass. Ari gunned the gas barely making it through the light just before it turned red. A few horns continued to sound acting like censors for the language the driver's were using about her and at her. Red suffused her face. She felt like an idiot.

What the hell was wrong with her? Maybe she should have stayed home. She hadn't had much sleep and her hand had started to hurt again. At the next light, Ari leaned her head back and stared at the fabric liner above her head. A yawn split her lips and she suddenly felt drained. Ari dug in her purse, trying to locate her mobile phone.

"Come on... come on.." The light changed and Ari continued down the street towards the next light. At the next light, she would have to turn. At the next light, she would be at work and then her sense of obligation and work ethic would get the better of her. Wasn't it just that that had her in the car now?

The slim, silver phone suddenly was in her fingers. Today, she was thankful she kept getting stopped by each traffic signal. Ari pressed numbers with her thumb without looking. A dangerous feat of the technology age: the ability to use mobile phones without looking. Granted, your mind wasn't actually on your driving as it should be, but that was just a by-product of the wonders of cellular innovation. Not for the first time did Ari wonder what had happened to the little blue-tooth attachment she'd bought so she could dial, talk, and hang-up without using her hands. Never mind, she thought. She had gotten her boss' voice-mail.

"Hi, it's Ari. I won't be in. I had a rough night. Stomach virus, I think. What you asked for is in your e-mail. Call me if you need me to do something. Thanks, bye."

Satisfied with her message, Ari clicked off the phone. As the light turned to green, Ari executed a u-turn. Home and bed beckoned. There was one light between her and her odd experience. Ari wondered if it would happen again. She had no such luck as she sailed through the light at an easy cruising speed of 45 mph. The next light was a major intersection. Some vague feeling pulled at her. Call it curiosity or whatever, she zipped into the left lane and made another u-turn. Merging right, Ari pulled into a vacant parking lot. Exhaustion be damned, she just had to look.

Bringing the car to a slow stop, a near obsessive need had her parking between two white lines despite the fact that no-one else would be fool enough to pull in, too. Ari looked around, hands tight on the steering wheel for a moment. Then, against a feeling she could only call superstitious, she turned off the car and stepped out onto the pavement. Pressing a button, the door locks clunked downwards. Ari paused and leaned into the car, grabbing the mobile phone. Her keys and phone were tucked into her coat pocket. Out of habit, her hand grasped the keys as she closed the door. She had locked herself out once. That lesson had not needed a second for her to learn to make sure she had her keys on her.

The lot was small and contained a single building that had once been a drive-through of some kind or other. Nature had inevitably begun to reclaim the area. Tall, yellow-green weeds, reaching for the sky, grew in tufts between the cracks in the pavement. Directly behind the lot electricity pylons congregated and then marched like metal giants across a grassy landscape into the distance. Below them an unmanned power station sat; muttering to itself with the low hum of electricity. The power station was made up of metal squares in various heights that were clustered together and corralled by a chain link fence.

Shrub trees grew up on the right side of the lot cutting off the view of another strip-mall parking lot. Or maybe, the intent was to cut-off the view of the derelict building. On the left was an elementary school. A slim patch of grass and curbing separated the lots of the two in which a wrought iron fence housed a few weathered gravestones bearing the elementary schools namesake: Corliss. The little graveyard was well-maintained, adopted proudly by the King family or so the green sign above the yard proclaimed. In the gray drizzle the whole scene seemed a little sad and to Ari's overactive imagination it was also just a little creepy. Ari muttered to herself with a laugh, knowing she was just a tad too imaginative. Her primary fears were bees, things with large pointy teeth like alligators, crocodiles, and sharks, and zombies. Ari stuck her tongue out at the graveyard. Drops of rain fell on the end of her tongue.

"All right, all of you... just stay there and we are all good." Ari gave the grave yard a good stare to make sure its inhabitants understood before she turned her gaze back towards the building. The action was silly, but she did it anyway. Shadows clustered beneath the overhangs, particularly at the back of the building.

Ari blinked and turned towards her left. Had something large and dark moved over there? Before she knew what had happened she was back in that strange place where nothing seemed real except her. Well, her and things she had never before seen in her life except in the goofy animes she liked to watch. Large, swaying, man-like shapes made up of gray and gold tones, insubstantial as mist, moved along the pathways created by the pairs of electricity pylons. The faces were amorphous, long-nosed and hollow eyed. Long arms ended in wisps of hands that seemed to drag the ground. The dark-shape seemed to cling to the area within the wrought-iron fence as if trapped within the frame the fence made. Closer inspection found the thing had a face, of sorts, with empty eyes and a wide-open mouth. Grief or torment seemed to pull on her as she looked at the thing. Tears welled slightly in her eyes. Ari blinked again and reached up to wipe the tears that fell. This time when she blinked the view did not revert back. The electricity station was still solid and real. The derelict building was half-real and half-insubstantial; more in shadow now than before. The scene was as if she was seeing two things super-imposed over each other.

"Right. Apparently I have gone mad."

Ari clutched her hand around her keys, seeking something solid and reassuring to ground her. Keys... Ari took out the keys and began the task of unlocking the car door.

"Take your time... take your time... panic won't do you any good..." After trying the wrong key twice, Ari finally succeeding in using the correct key and getting the door unlocked. She opened the door slowly, hoping to be a little notice to anything in this crazy imagination world of hers. She all but threw herself into the seat of her car and quickly locked the doors back once more. She fumbled the keys, hands shaky, working to get the right key into the ignition. The car started and with it the radio. Music blared and Ari jumped and screamed very, very loudly. Turning off the radio, she closed her eyes trying to retain a sense of herself. The interior was so silent now, Ari could hear the rain hitting the windshield with little clicks. She was afraid to open her eyes and find that the noise was something else entirely.


She would go home.

He awoke.
Someone was here. Someone was in HIS world. There was that wierd tingling sensation again. He was getting annoyed with it, he had no clue what gave him the feeling. But that was beside the point. Some one was here. In his world, in his place, and he did not like visitors.

He stood up and looked around. He tuned all his senes into his area and tried to make sense of who or what was around. He squinted his eyes a bit and his vision turned from the dark of night into a bright silver. He looked around again, listening more closely. He could hear the hum of breathing coming from a mouse burrowed under a tree across his view. He listened even more intently now.

He turned his head slowly around left to right, and then he turned his body to look behind him.
There! There it was, a bright green shadow in the silvery light of his squint.
Who was it? He shrugged away the silver, to see who it was in more detail.


"Ah! Damnit!" He clutched his hands around his ears and dropped to his knees. He hadn't released his guard on his hearing, and with it being so heightened, the cars engine revving up felt like a million airhorns going off inside his head. He immediately shook it off. His head still ringing, not being able to think straight. He peered at the car. It was the same one! It was the woman again!

A scream. She had screamed. But he couldn't tell why. He waited, making sure it wasn't him that set off her internal alarm. There was a pause of a few seconds. Everything went quiet. The rain falling on his face was all that he could hear.

Not for long, though. He had to know why he kept running into her. Why was he so interested in this being? Only one way to find out. He walked to the car slowly, cautiously, and then knocked on her window.

The clicking splat of the raindrops on the windshield and top of the car was replaced by the rapping sound of knuckles against glass. Ari gave another little meep of a scream. Heaving a sigh, she opened her eyes and turned to look at whomever had knocked on the window.

Ari expected to see a policeofficer. Instead, she saw a young man. Ari's eyes widened and her mouth opened in a little "o" of surprise. Owl-eyed and mouth dropped open slightly, she looked at him. He wasn't overly tall. He seemed to be of average height from the way he bent slightly to peer into the window. A furry collar or hood was up around his chin. Dark hair hung in and around his face almost obscuring eyes that were an incredible green and gold color. A color accentuated by the shadows that haunted his eyes. His face was angular and not unattractive, but under the circumstances was not a consideration at the moment. What was a consideration was that there was a man knocking on the window of her car while she was having hallucinations AND that man was the same man she had seen earlier. Ari's mouth closed and her gaze dragged to the right and then the left. Should she or shouldn't she?

Finally, Ari pressed the button to lower the window.

"Uhm... Yes?"

He looked at her closely. Yes, definately her. He was glad, he didn't know why he was seeing her, or more importantly how she was seeing her. But it didn't matter, he looked into those dark eyes, they hid something. Something even she might not know.

"Who are you?" It was a simple question, but he felt as if he should have said something more. To be completely honest, it had been along time since he had talked to another living person. It felt odd, a bit overwhelming to do so. She didn't initially respond, just kind of sat there looking afraid.

Devon backed up a bit, tried to give her some space. To know that he wasn't there to harm her. He realized he had an eager look on his face and tried to shurg it off, it had been a terribly long time since he had immediate contact with someone. Though, he liked it that way, it did get a tad lonely at times. He decided to push the question again.

"Who are you? How come you can see me? How come you can enter the Grey? It's been a long time since anyone has done that. Who are you? Are you a demon? A witch?"

The thought of this made Devon stand back a bit more, he didn't know why a demon or a witch would be driving a car, but then again, he didn't know why a person that was not magical or immortal could be inside that world.

"Well? Are you going to answer, or just sit there and look pretty?", he crossed his arms over his chest. He was waiting, for either an answer, or for her to drive off. Devon hoped for answers, he wasn't in the mood for a chase.

Ari blinked again. Color suffused her face as he gave her an off-hand comment and demanded information in the same breath.

"I'm sorry. It's just... " Ari shook her head, closed her eyes, reopened them, and exhaled a breath. "I'm Ari... Arran Niven. Would you... would you like to come in out of the rain?" Ari gestured to the passenger seat. It was winter after all. The rain was a chilly, cold drizzle. Most people, unlike Ari, did not like being in the rain, so she offered a warm, dry place to sit. He might be an hallucination, but he might also be able to give her some answers as well. Weren't dreams supposed to reveal the subconscious mind or something? She still felt a little scared, but her pragmatic nature and curiousity were winning out over the fear. Perhaps, that was a litle foolish, too.

Ari pressed the button to unlock the doors and waited to see if he would take her up on the offer. The car was not fancy or even relatively new, but it was dependable and comfortable. Comfortable, fabric seats were colored in a boring beige and sat in a sedan style body. The car was a brown color, that had a slight purple hue to it. Inside, the car smelt clean and like Ari; inevitable given she had just had a shower not more than thirty or forty-five minutes before hand. The radio was a standard factory model, but an mp3 player was hooked into it. There was no sound coming from the radio. She had turned it off in her earlier nervousness. Now, music would be a distraction to speaking. Ari caught her bottom lip between her teeth and waited.

Ok, well she trusted him. Or so he thought, but that wasn't the question. The question was, did he trust her? She was attractive, as far as he was concerned, she seemed willing to converse, but he was still a little unnerved by her. Maybe it was the fact that she was attractive and willing to talk, he may have felt better if she ran away screaming. He figured that would be normal.

There wasn't anything dark about her like a witch, and no malevolent demonic traits at all that he could see. She bit her bottom lip waiting for him to go inside her car, thats it, maybe she's a succubus. Hmm. He doubted it, but who really knew. From all that he could discern, she was a normal human being. Though a "normal" human being wouldn't have entered the Grey. He wasn't going to play into her plans though. If they were going to have a discussion it would be on his terms, in his world.

"A very tempting offer Ari, my name is Devon. I'll have to decline. Though you could walk with me, I have a feeling it might be a long discussion. That is, unless the rain bothers you."

Re: Into the Gray

Post by Metarie on

(continuation from live chat)

Confusion filled Ari’s gaze. She did not want to give up the safety of her car for whatever was out there. Her car was solid and dependable. Her car was safe.

"Do we have to? I'm.. more than a little scared by what's out there at the moment. The only thing that seems real is me, you, and my car." She patted the dash affectionately. Well, more than a little affectionately. This was her link to safety. If he didn't want to get in, then so be it. She sure as hell wasn't getting out.

Devon smiled. There is more than one way to be safe, he thought. Devon walked to the other side of the car and opened the door. Taking a deep breath, he climbed inside.

"So, what are you?"

Ari rolled the window up and locked the doors, breathing a sigh of relief when he got in and sat down. She turned towards him as much as she was able.

"I don't know what the Gray is. I'm not a demon or witch. I'm a woman. A person. What is all this? What are you? Who are you? Have I gone crazy?" She looked nervous again. The interior of the car was comfortable and warm, but she crossed her arms over her chest making it clear with her body language that she felt more than a little insignificant and small.

"And what the hell is that" She pointed to the black ghost thing in the graveyard. "And those?" She pointed at the giants walking the pylon causeway.

Devon laughed. A woman, a person; yes ,this was true but there was something else. He had to know what it was.

"No, your not crazy, you're not imagining any of what you see." When she pointed, the four scratch marks were easily visable. His eyes focused on the marks and then returned to hers. "Those things belong to the Grey. The Grey is a world that is along side your own, albeit a darker one. What are those scratch marks?" Devon looked a little worried, not for her health but for his safety. "What happened?"

Her steady gaze into his faltered as she lifted her arm and looked at the scratch marks. "There was a cat outside my house. It looked hungry so I fed it and then picked it up to pet it. It stayed for a bit, then jumped away." She rubbed the marks on her slim wrist with her other hand. "Then I got a stomach virus. Next thing I know, I'm feeling better but ... " She peered at him. "You look worried. Should I be worried?" There was a tremor in her voice now. Ari blinked, trying not to have tears well up in her eyes.

He tried to look calm in the face of what was going on. He had to find out things. From what she described, it wasn't a stomach virus. This was something else - a Change. A Change to what is what he didn't know. He needed to know. "Oh you're fine, may I take a closer look please?" Devon held out his hand and tried to give her a smile, but didn't know if it turned out that way. It had been a very, very long time since he had smiled. A smile was an outwardly expression of pleasure and when there is no one around to see it, then what's the point?

Devon had said she was fine dismissively. Ari bit her lower lip again as her brows drew together over a pair of brown eyes filled with worry. His smile wasn't quite that believable either, but he acted like he might know something. Ari held out her left arm for him to look at. Devon reached for her arm and pushed the sleeve of her jacket up. Softly he held her arm, his left hand by her elbow and his right hand holding hers to keep the arm aloft. Her skin was cool to the touch and soft, a lovely feeling.

"This light is terrible. Would you mind if I did something that helped a bit?" This was his chance to find out was going on. If he could take her fully into the Grey, things would be clearer... he hoped.

His touch was solid and real. Something else to which she could grasp. She still felt nervous, but also felt a little relief that he wasn't ghostly and intangible.

"Something? I suppose..." Ari also reached up with her other hand, leaning in slightly toward him. A click brought a light on above their heads as well. Ari looked at him inquiringly, but then peered down at her arm as if trying to divine what he saw. Devon felt her move closer to him. He took in a sharp breath. How long had it been since he had been around an attractive woman? A long , long time... Devon felt himself slightly blush. Realising that he must look stupid just sitting there staring at her arm, he made the decision to "see things a little clearer."

"Ok Ari, what I need you to do is stay calm and relaxed," he said as he closed his eyes. Ari's eyes didn't need to be closed for this, but it would be nice if she wasn't trying to get away. Devon felt himself flicker. Flicker was his term for when something tries to enter the Grey. Devon flickered again and felt the cool, yet humid air around him. His body tingled. Ari hadn't moved. Well that was good, he thought. Though he couldn't tell if she was saying anything or not. Trying to enter the Grey has a tendency to dampen the senses quite a bit. He felt his body stop tingling.

"There we go, all better. Now what exactly do we have here?" A being's true form is shown inside the Grey, there's no way to get around that. As he opened his eyes, Devon realised that Ari, was indeed, just a woman.

"Well that's a bit odd" he said and gave a resilient shrug.

For Ari, the experience was uneventful at first. At least, up to the point where he flickered. For a moment, it seemed as if he was touching her, but not there. She could feel him, but not see him. Then, it happened again. Ari looked up at him. Had it been a trick of the eye? She wasn't wholly without substance in the Gray. Instead, she seemed to be limned in a faint hint of color. The scratches were like quick-silver. They seemed to smear across her skin and form in drops. It had not been a change, so what he was expecting to see was not there. Odd?

"Is it?" Ari said in response to his comment. "You don't say..." she said blandly and with a little sarcasm. She breathed another deep breath and squinched her eyes closed. Another bite of the lip, gave way to a thought. "Perhaps if we found the cat?"

Truly unmiraculous to be quite honest with himself. He didn't know what would happen when he brought her here. But what he did know, was that he was no longer in a car with no escape, locked inside with a being that could enter the Grey he knew nothing about. And that was good enough for him. Devon looked around. There was a reason they called this world the Grey. It was exactly like Home world. In fact some Grey beings could even see the Home ones. But things here moved at a different speed. If you could see the Home world, then you would see it moved entirely faster than the Grey. But you could still see everything that was standing still, like her car. They stood within the car. If it wasnt from the Grey, it wasn't solid in the Grey. "So then, where's the last place you seen the cat?"

Ari suddenly felt a little dizzy. She existed in both places at once and his attempt to bring her completely into the Gray was not without effect after all. Ari felt as if she had double vision. She reached out her free hand and grabbed his upper arm for support, stumbling from the disorientation. She felt a little naseous, too, but she wasn't going to give into it. She bowed her head, closed her eyes, and grit her teeth until the feeling passed. When she reopened her eyes, she was in the Gray with him. Standing freely through her car.

"Oh for fuck's sake..." She looked around, wide-eyed in disbelief. She shook her head and finally just gave in. "Fine. Fine. Fine! Fine! Fine!Fine!" A little spark of a fiery nature lit in her gaze and posture. She was a fighter when it came down to it. Giving one more glance around, she looked up at him. "First, what is your name?"

"Name's Devon. Hahaha, you okay there? You look like your gonna puke. Thought you'd done this before?" He smiled, this time it was real and natural. Dark, brown eyes narrowed at him.

"That's not funny." A mutinous pout settled on her lips. "Quit smiling," she grumbled good-naturedly. It's too distracting, she thought. "The last time I saw the cat was at my house. Over that way." Ari pointed north-east of their current position. Suddenly, home seemed very far away.

"Alright, well, let's head that way and find your cat thing. Oh do you need to get anything out of your car before we leave? Oh, that's right nevermind." He smirked. She was definately human and that made him let off his guard a bit more. He was actually enjoying himself now. Time to go find ....well, something, he thought.

Devon set off and Ari was left looking back and forth from the semi-opaque existance of her car to him. "Can't we drive? I'm not exactly wearing hiking shoes today." And she wasn't. She was wearing cute little heels that gave her an advantageous 2 inches on her height, but that wasn't the real reason. Leaving her car was like learning to swim for the first time.

Devon stopped, looked back. She didn't seem to understand she was standing with the hood of her car going through her stomach.

"Sure, you jump in and follow me, and we'll see who gets there first. You can't find the cat if he is in the Grey, and you're outside. C'mon, you're not going to feel your shoes anyway. You're fine, I personally want to know why the cat was in your world. If you don't that's fine, but I'm finding it." He threw her a playful smile trying to cajole her to move.

Ari looked around in consternation. Her car was going through her midriff. She looked to Devon and suddenly found herself by his side. "This... is going to take some getting used to." Ari felt that unsettling sensation in her stomach again and reached for Devon's arm again to steady herself. With her eyes closed and face pale she said, "So, looks like if we think about where we want to go we're there? Does it always work like that?"

Devon showed a look of both awe and respect when Ari made a Blink. He wondered how long she had been able to enter the Gray. It was if she had been doing that all the time, as natural it came to her. There was no premeditation, seemingly no immense concentration at all. She was either really lucky, or she was just damned good. "Uhm, not always. Some of us can't do it at all, some of us require alot of concentration. You, on the other hand needed none. Intersting at least. Well then, I don't know where your house is, so I can't just Blink my way there. So were gonna have to do it the old fashion way. Shall we?" He waved his hand in front of him, motioning for her to lead.

"Blink? Is that what that is called?" There was a rueful tone to her voice as if the whole blink concept was not necessarily something she wanted to do, much less do easily. "Sure..." Ari nodded and started to walk in the direction of her house and thought better of it. She looked at Devon with a little chagrin. "If I 'blink' and you are touching me, do you go, too?"

Well that was an interesting concept. He altogether didn't know to be honest. He had never been touching an Other while they blinked. He supposed it would work, or she would Blink there and he would stay. But if he was wrong, things could go badly. Then again, he wasn't one to be overly cautious in the Gray, This had become his world, and he felt he had nothing to fear. "I have no clue to be honest. Wanna try?" The tone of his voice was resemblant of a child daring another to do something new, not knowing if the choice held consequences or not.

Ari stared at Devon and then reached out her hands to hold his. Her fingers twined through his. Looking up at him again, she said, "Sure." This time, she thought about going home, to her house. She thought about her kitchen, her living room, her bedroom - picturing bits and pieces clearly in her conscious mind while others were hazy. Certainly the images were in her subconscious mind. Ari hoped that this blink thing worked with both. She felt the blink coming this time. Probably because she was bringing someone else with her. She felt stretched and pulled, like silly putty or taffy, but it was as if it was inside out. Ari just kept her eyes on Devon's. Her pupils dilated making her eyes seem darker. She grew pale. And just like that, something snapped and they were standing in the driveway. Ari looked around. "Oh, it worked," she said. Then, she promptly crumpled in a faint.

Devon snapped out of the blink. His eyes crossed for a second and then went back. His face went pale and he bent over, vomiting. Well that's embarrassing, he thought. At least he managed to turn slightly and avoid her heels. He spat and straightened up.

"Well that was something I don't wanna do too often. At least I've seen your house this time. Let's not do the whole dual blink unless we have to. That wasn't pleasant." He reached inside of his jacket and pulled out his smokes. He touched his left thumb to the end, and it lit the cigarrette on fire. No flame came from his thumb though, it just sort of glimmered for a second until the smoke was lit. "Alrighty,' he said as he exhaled a puff, "now what?"

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