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Pavel Faddey

Pavel Faddey

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Name: Pavel Faddey
Age: 12
Height: 4”9, 144cm
Weight: ~80 pounds, ~36kg
Race: Human


Appearance: Standing 4"9 tall, Pavel gazes into the world with dull hazel eyes. His light-brown hair is often a tangled, spiky mess, as he tends to be out and about. While slender he isn't scrawny or stocky. There is a hint of muscle in his arm, and he is able to hold is own against boys and girls his age. His jawline is curved and his cheeks still soft. His shoulders are narrow, his lips thin, but rarely sealed. Pavel's voice has yet to break and can get a little annoying after a while. A little more often than healthy, Pavel can be seen running away from trouble or slouching through the streets on his own.

Pre-birth History
Pavel was born in the slums of Marn to a young couple, deeply in love. One, the father, was an aspiring Professor at the Vyaduka school of Economics and came from a wealthy, upper-class family. The mother was a simple gardener by profession. A herbalist, some would say. She was content with having low ambitions and few means available while he brimmed with ambition and nearly drowned in luxury.

He was Marcus Faddey. She was Sabinka. After they met, things were never same anymore. He neglected his studies to be with her. She abandoned her shop and gardens to be with him. Their love was not to last however. Marcus' father was a stern man, convinced that his happy-go-lucky son was wasting his time on some low-life girl. It was through his efforts that the two were torn apart. For punishment, Marcus was sent to study elsewhere, many hundreds of miles to the west. There was no goodbye. No chance for Sabinka to tell her lover of her pregnancy. Just as sudden as Marcus had appeared in her life, he was gone.

Heartbroken, confused, and getting less and less able to do all the work herself, Sabinka's issues started to mount. Her income started to dwindle. Her friends, who'd been jealous of her lover, turned their backs on her. By the time the baby was to be born, Sabinka could barely afford the rent. Alone and cold, she fled to the only safe-haven she knew. The Faddey residence. Stern, but not heartless, Marcus' father took Sabinka in, and not a minute too soon. That same day, Sabinka laboured for many hours, but not even the best doctor money could afford could remedy weeks worth of malnutrition. Cold with sweat and surrounded by strangers, Sabinka died with nothing but pain written on her face. Pavel Faddey met the world with relentless cries.

It was decided that the boy would be put away in an orphanage. The 'Faddey' was stripped from his name, and he would grow up as just Pavel, knowing nothing of his birth. When Marcus returned from the west many years later, he went looking for Sabinka and inevitably found her grave. But of Pavel, he was told nothing. Those present at the cursed birth had been paid handsomely to keep their mouths shut. It would only upset Marcus and distract him from his station in life, so Marcus' father argued. Moreover, what kind of noble woman would want a man with a bastard child, born from some common low-life?

Life at the orphanage has it's ups and downs. The place is a little crammed and there are too few caretakers for the many hopelessly abandoned youths. However, the building itself is in good shape. It's not too cold in winter or too hot in summer, and the meals provide enough sustenance. The caretakers do their best to keep those under their care in check, but Pavel often manages to slip out and slouch through the streets.

While unaware of his heritage, a little fund was provided by the Faddey family, providing some decent clothes and a small weekly allowance to the boy. Enough to give him a fair chance in life.

Except, in a magic-hating city like Marn, Pavel would have anything but a fair chance. Unbeknownst to him, he'd been born with a peculiar gift for magic. Not once in his twelve years have his abilities reared their ugly heads, but that might soon chance. Pavel's magical affinity is narrow but focused. With age, but more importantly, experience, his mastery over his abilities will increase.

Post-birth history
Pavel grew up in the Marn orphanage and was raised there. He can't recall ever having had a other place to call home. When he was 4, a boy named Vic was brought into the orphanage. The little blonde sprite and he soon became best friends. Pavel liked Vic for his tremendous courage. The small blond instilled a habit of mischief into Pavel that lasted until recently. The two had a particular obsession with putting glue on chairs, hats, and even in keylocks and managed remain undetected for a rather long time. Their reign of terror was eventually ended when one of the teachers in the school caught the youngsters standing upon a tower of stools to reach for a pot of gooey glue atop a high shelf.

That didn't stop the two for very long though. At age 8, Vic upped the anti and challenged Pavel to steal a sweetroll from the bakery. it was more of a dare than a serious challenge, but Pavel failed to notice. Reluctant, but not wanting to chicken out, he did as asked. While Vic distracted the baker with small-talk Pavel reached for two sweetrolls, dripping with glazing-

-only to be promptly dragged out of the shop by his ears. If you ask him, Pavel will insist his left ear is still slightly skewed because of it. Still, the thrill of breaking the rules had caught on. To an extent. Their mischief remained just that. Mischief. Switching baskets of shoppers on the market. Finding a nice hideout to throw pebbles at passers-by from. No amount of reprimand by the caretakers ever deterred them for very long. Vic always had a new idea, plan, scheme, or adventure.

Yet, Pavel didn't dare to do what Vic proposed a few years later. When both were just 12, Vic came into Pavel's bedroom and in a hushed voice, urged the sleepy orphan to pack his things and run away. This took Pavel by complete surprise. Vic had sometimes joked to go on adventures to a far-away lands together, but he'd never before been serious about it. Pavel, groggy and bewildered, refused, rolled over to his other side and fell back asleep. The very next day a tall man with a grey hair, a gold-plated cane and an impressive moustache came to adopt Vic. There was hardly any time for a proper goodbye or an explanation. Pavel could only guess Vic had known this moment would come. His blonde friend seemed more than a little reluctant to leave with the man-with-the-moustache. But it happened regardless. Pavel has not seen Vic since.

With his best friend gone, Pavel grew irritable and reclusive. He started to eat less, and lock himself in his room for days. At night, he could be seen pressing his nose against the window, silently hoping that Vic would come back. It never happened. What happened was simply this: Bomba.

Bomba wasn't the boy's real name. But Bomba was big, round, older, and considerably stronger. Bomba hated day-dreaming freaks like Pavel. But most of all, Bomba hated that Pavel didn't cower before him like most others did. To him, Pavel was small, weak, and friendless. An easy target. Someone to make an example of. And so it was that during one night, all hundred-and-sixty pounds of Bomba pressed down on Pavel, stuffing his face with a cushion. "Where's your friend now huh?" Bomba lisped into his ear. "Where's Viccy?"

It was in this moment that Pavel, while kicking and gasping for air, first discovered his innate power. He sensed, with incredible clarity, the fear that drove Bomba. The fear of being bullied himself. He merely sensed it, in a flicker of clarity.

He was saved from suffocation by one of the caretakers, though Bomba was quick to spin up an excuse. At the end of the day it didn't matter. Pavel was the weird reclusive kid. Bomba, being as fat as he was, seemed a much more likely bullying target to the caretakers.

The following day, Pavel exacted his revenge. On the school square he challenged Bomba. "Hey fatty!" he called. The oversized barrel turned red as a beet. That little brown-haired brat wasn't supposed to be challenging him! He was supposed to be sniffing pitifully in a corner! Soon, a circle of blood-thirsty kids enclosed Pavel and Bomba. They didn't want to miss a second of what happened next. Pavel charged with clenched fists while Bomba braced himself. This time it was Bomba who was on the floor, and Pavel who ended on top. This time it was Bomba who kicked and screamed as Pavel punched, and punched, and punched again. His fists were red and his face was contorted in pure hate as a nearby City Guard rushed to the scene and tore the two apart.

Teacher Yrin, who favored plump Bomba as if the boy were his own son, used the situation to teach an important lesson. Violence and disregard for the law would be punished. Those who inflicted needless pain on others would be brought to shame. And while Bomba never again came near Pavel, so did everyone else steer clear of him. His palms still sting from the firm caning alloted to him.

Personality: Most of the time, Pavel is cheery, cheeky, and outgoing, almost to the point of being annoying. Pavel has a strong moral compass and sense of what is good. This means he follows most laws, most of the time and will not soon resort to violence of any kind. However, Pavel is also imbued with stubbornness and a whiff of arrogance. He may know he's wrong at times, but won't soon admit it and isn't beholden to anyone.

  • To rise above his station in life. To become famous, rich, and well-respected.
  • To be loved and have a place to call home. He secretly craves for this.
  • To go on adventures, of course! In other words: to see more of the world.

Beliefs & values
  • All are born equal. All are born good. Some are corrupted by magic.
  • (Ties into above). Magic is evil and a curse.
  • Pavel is the best.
  • Doesn't believe people are truly capable of loving each other. They're just being very nice.
  • Hates gossip.

Magical abilities: Mind-probing. This ability goes through various stages. It grows with experience more so than age. His ability is always at a fixed state. At stage II he can't employ his ability at stage I anymore, and at stage III he can't fall back onto stage I or stage II.

  • Stage I: Pavel is able -whether he wants to or not- to catch fragments of people's thoughts and emotions. In its lightest form, Pavel may just have a strong hunch of what someone is thinking. He is still able to act normally while this happens, though he will obviously be distracted. As a result, this magic is almost undetectable. It should be noted that at this stage, Pavel has zero control over his ability. It just happens to him at random intervals.
  • Stage II: At this stage Pavel gains a little control over his ability and is able to roughly direct it. It's akin to having a large receiver. He can start to target people in a certain direction, but isn't able to pinpoint any one individual. As a result, he'll be barraged by an avalanche of thoughts and feelings, like voices whispering in a chorus. It allows him to get a rough understanding of what his target(s) are thinking, but he can't filter any one specific thought or feeling. Additionally, using his ability at this stage requires him to sit or stand completely still and have a direct line of sight with his targets. Moreover, he'll grow slightly pale and will be hungry and thirsty afterwards.
  • Stage III: At this stage Pavel is able to focus on any individual's thoughts or feelings. He has however no control over them. He can merely observe. This too requires him to be completely still and have a direct line of sight to the target. Having a token from the target, be it a piece of jewelry, clothing, or even a strand of hair helps in getting a clearer picture but is not required. The cost for his ability is ambiguous. The state of the target rubs off, to a lesser extent. So if the target is an unsavory, vicious character, Pavel will not be pleasant to be around for the remainder of the day. It should be noted that this affects just his mood, not his personality, though his mood can cloud his judgement of course. Casting at this stage is also followed by strong hunger and thirst.
  • Stage IV: At this stage Pavel is able to focus on any individual without any aid and influence their thoughts and feelings by either muting or intensifying them. If the target was thinking about his grandmother's birthday, he could make the target temporarily forget about it. Similarly, if the target is upset, that feeling can be intensified or lessened. All the requirements of stage III apply, except no visual contact is needed. The target just needs to be within a few dozen feet. In addition casting causes a short but intense fever and ravenous hunger and thirst immediately after casting. As such, casting at this stage is incredibly noticeable, unless someone is around to cover things up. Employing the ability in this fashion more than once on a day is incredibly dangerous and potentially lethal for Pavel.

  • Dagger
  • Pouch
  • Pair of boots
  • Belt
  • Three weeks worth of allowance: 30 Bishani
  • Leather wrist-band
  • Red neckerchief
  • Basic set of toiletry

  • Child: Sometimes being of small stature and light-footed can be incredibly advantageous...
  • Inquisitive: Pavel tends to ask a lot of questions. He's not satisfied with roughly knowing how something works, he must know exactly and will go to extreme lengths to find out (including but not limited to chattering your ears off).
  • Strong-willed: This goes hand-in-hand with his stubbornness. When Pavel decides to do something, he'll stick to it.
  • Sympathetic: Pavel has your best interests at heart, most of the time. As a side-effect of his magical ability he has developed a keen sense of people and can often guess if something is up. It's in his nature to comfort those who need comforting. Feed the starved and clothe the naked, all that jazz.
  • Young: Being of a young age brings with it many disadvantages. Pavel obviously lacks in strength, experience, and maturity of mind.
  • Arrogant: Pavel strongly believes in himself. On a good day, one might mistake it for confidence. In truth, Pavel just overestimates his own abilities and importance.
  • Foolhardy: Pavel is guided by his convictions of what is right, even it's in his best self-interest to act differently. This occasionally gets him into trouble with authorities.
  • Unwanted: Having grown up in an orphanage has left a severe mental scar. Sometimes, Pavel can be overcome by a wave of loneliness and feel utterly unwanted. Why else has no one ever come to visit him yet?
  • Bad reputation: While reasonably liked by his peers and caretakers, the City Guard doesn't look kindly upon Pavel and may well consider him a nuisance.
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Re: Pavel Faddey

Post by Kitan on

Hello! Welcome to Thar once again. I have to say this is one of the best applications I’ve reviewed in quite some time. You did a particularly good job defining his magic and its limits.

First of all, we are going to need you to remove his alignment. Thar Shaddin is a setting that assumes morality is a simplification; D&D alignments in particular definitely are.

Your history mostly focuses on his family history. What you have is good, and I know you mentioned that you struggle with histories, but the things mentioned in “noteworthy events” could probably be adapted into history and given the expansion needed to really give your character depth beyond the list of personality traits. It’s best if other players get to see who he is and how he’ll act in a thread!

Possible questions you might want to answer in the history include: Why is he friends with & who is Vic? Was it Vic who taught him to steal? What prompted the guard to accidentally hurt/assault a child? (Marn’s guard is generally professional) Why does he commit petty crime if his allowance is enough to live reasonably well? An example of his interaction with the hooded stranger would also snugly fit into the history.

I can see you’ve got a clear picture of what you want your character to be: you just need to figure out how he got there. I won’t require much, just remove the alignment and expand on his own history a tiny bit, then I’ll give it another look and you’ll most likely be approved. :D
The Dreaded App Assassin

Re: Pavel Faddey

Post by Pavel Faddey on

I expanded the history, as requested. Altered it a little bit too. Could you give it a second look?


Re: Pavel Faddey

Post by Kitan on

Very nice!

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