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Moon Moon Kharityn

Moon Moon Kharityn

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Player Name: Lassie

Character Name: Moon Moon Kharityn
Age: 14
Race: Wow, much Kharityn, very pureblood, such werewolf
Height: 5'1"
Weight: Pretty light underneath all the floof.

===Physical Description===

D'aww, the little wolfy is all flooffy and white, like a diminutive little cotton puff.
(As a human he's kind of scrawny and albino and can't grow facial hair. And his ears stick out like twin moons. But who cares about that form anyway.)


He has a bucket. And a pet rock.

The pet rock ran away :(

===Strengths and Weaknesses===


Moon Moon is fierce like wolf. Because he IS wolf.
Such teeth, much growl, very predator. He even caught his own tail once.

Sometimes he forgets how to wolf, and chases butterflies among the flowers.
Some werewolves think this is not legit.

=Where? Wait, were? What? WOLF!=

He can turn into a person and be all 'Surprise, I am Hu-moon Moon lol'

Moon Moon is not as pretty a hu-moon Moon as he is a wolf Moon Moon. And he's pretty short and scrawny too.

=Award for the best in breeding=

YAY PUREBLOOD, very family, over-protective mother. Very scary mother ;_;
So scary, need joke ;_;
What do Moon Moon and a Carrot have in common? Beta Kharityn! Get it? Wow, such pun, very wolf, lol.

Moon Moon's mental capacity is relatively in proportion to his diminutive physical size. He's not the brightest.
Oh, and he has kind of milky eyes. Can't see the best. And he won't be having puppies. No little Moon Moons to brighten drab Zhaltev's future :(


When a mother wolf and a daddy wolf like each other very very much despite being very closely related, a little Moon Moon is born. The only cub of a litter that wasn't stillborn, because that branch of the Kharityns had become a little too insular over the generations. But their blood was VERY pure, so it was okay.

Moon Moon was actually named Maksim at birth. The first word the little cub learned was moon. And he liked the word a lot. So much he decided it was a better name than Maksim. But you know, Maksim had two syllables, so it had to be Moon Moon.

That was when his mother Aleksandra realised things were even more amiss with her sole surviving cub beyond just being a runty little pipsqueak of a thing. But be damned if she was going to lose the last of her litter, whatever propriety said. She'd rip out the throat of any arsehole that tried suggesting she dump him in an icepool as defective.

And so somehow Moon Moon did not get killed at birth. Scandalous.

His mother Aleksandra is a member of the Ohrana, and Moon Moon is becoming something of a quandary to her as he gets closer to an age where he is expected to become useful in some fashion. She's trying to teach him how to focus on one task at a time. She hopes that, if she can at least manage that, he might be able to scratch by as a messenger or courier.


As for Moon Moon, he has been trying REALLY HARD to listen to his mother and learn how to carry messages without forgetting where to take them or what a deadline is. But he HAS recently realised moths are like night-time butterflies, and has started chasing them too.

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Only I am fierce like wolf, you goddamn barbarian. And I mean than in the ancient sense.

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