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Ysoria the Pathfinder

Ysoria the Pathfinder

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This character is played by a long-time player and is not representative of what we expect out of new characters.

Name: Ysoria, sometimes known as Witchbane, sarcastically called Pathfinder. She's taken the latter on as a surname of sorts.
Age: 37
Race: half human
Height: 5'8"
Career: Eyropan Imperial Bounty Hunter

Physical Description:

Neatness and efficiency are two words that could be applied to a sighting of Ysoria. She keeps her gear as clean as she as able, and in a way that both makes sense and allows her to get at what she might need quickly. She doesn't carry excess, and she dresses for business. Business, in her case, means bounty hunting. Ysoria doesn't do froofy or casual. She is always ready to take a job; you could say that her job is her life. She doesn't know how to do anything else, or be anything other than herself. Even so, her style of fashion is often more dressy than is necessary for the typical crowd she hangs around. Quality is of importance to her, and a dash of flair is just as important.

Her hair is a matte brownish-red, her eye brown, her skin swarthy. She wears eye patches, mostly due to the sensitivity of the scar over her lost right eye.


Gear for bounty hunting (leathers, enchanted cloak (against weather and wear).

An enchanted bowl that helps her to focus on her magic and resists some of the lesser immune response effects.

A horse. Diota handles most of its care (except when they're on a job, then Ysoria does the cooling off and feeding, etc etc). Ysoria doesn't trust him.


A small house in Fiorenzia, Apthoni.

A set of rooms in a boarding house in Poznan, Teutonia. Maintained by their group's contact in the city.

Powers or Strengths:

Bounty Group

Along with Diota, there are some others in their group and stuff.


Give Ysoria a part of a whole, no matter what it is, and she will find its source. It is her particular form of magic, passed down from her mother. A ribbon of sensation will form before her, which Ysoria equates to something like seeing a clear path with an extra sense she can't fully explain. She knows its there, clear as anything, and she can follow it through ways that defy explanation. Well, not quite. Magic is at hand, and what she follows is essentially the imprint life makes on the edge between the physical world and the Astral Plane. Sometimes when Ysoria is concentrating on following that path she might slip through into the Astral Plane, making it seem like she can walk through walls.

Slipping into the Astral Plane is dangerous, as it is disorienting to Ysoria. She is not wholly of the Plane, and while she can sometimes keep the path solid enough to travel, there is always a risk that she will lose it and then lose herself along the way. If she is concentrating very hard and is very fresh, it is possible for her to bring someone she is touching in with her -- but she would lose her grip on reality within minutes (ten to twenty, depending) of entering, and lose their path out. It would be possible for her to find it again, but she would need rest first.

There is always the possibility that she will slip off the path and enter the world miles distant from when she entered the Planes.

Due to the risks, Ysoria avoids slipping into the Planes whenever she is able.


When it comes to using her pathfinding ability on magic, something strange happens. Ysoria is essentially able to redirect the magic back to its source along the pathway, using her own magic to propel it. This can be used defensively or as a means of finding the creator of spent magic. However, doing this aggravates her immune response to magic whether in an immediate sense or a prolonged sense.

This is not an ability that can be used offensively. It redirects the magical potential, rather than the resulting action; Ysoria will not be able to send a fireball back at the caster, but instead will reduce the fireball back to its magical potential which is then sent back to the caster. So, unless a person has a weakness to a sudden influx of magical potential, it will do no harm to either the intended target or the caster.

The more powerful the spell, the more likely it is to trigger her immune response. She could handle a large amount of low-power spells (small fireballs and the like), but big spells she would only be likely to return a few before the effects of her response started to be felt.

Twilight -- whether at night or at dawn -- essentially refreshes her so long as she has not triggered an immune response. Diota believes this is due to twilight being the time when the physical world and the astral plane are closest to each other, acting as a balance for their magical and non-magical heritages.

If Ysoria is sending a single spell back over a long distance, she is capable of doing so for nine hours before needing to wait for twilight. However, doing this is physically tiring, causing Ysoria to need to sleep for around ten hours a day.

Resistance to Astral Warp

While Ysoria isn't completely immune to the effects of the Astral Plane, she is able to endure its effects better than a full human. The intersection of her magical potential and her human biology acts as a sort of natural immune system response, safeguarding her brain from magically-induced degeneration.


Surviving is one of Ysoria's specialties. Bounty hunting isn't the easiest way to make a living. Sometimes jobs are flush, and it's an easy roll from one to the next. That isn't always the case. Dry spells result in hard times and crappy side-jobs. So, Ysoria has learned to deal with it, by finding things others have discarded and making do with what they have. Ysoria can stretch food and other goods in ways that seem impossible.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Depth Perception/Noncombatant

Ysoria's sole eye has played havoc on her depth perception. While she uses motion parallax to a good degree, and has developed means of telling how far away things are in a general sense, she's never going to be able to participate in direct combat with dangerous magic users as anything more than a distraction, or a measure of defense via her innate abilities. There's always going to be a chance that she has misjudged where something stands in relation to where she stands. But, lucky for her, Diota was always the fighter of the pair.

Patriot & Racist

Apthoni is the best province in all of the empire, and probably the best place in the world. Period. As a result, Ysoria tends to look down on other races of humans.

She also hates dwarves due to the entrenched attitude of human Apthonian natives towards the "guttertrash" that tend to congregate in the slums of predominately human cities.

Immune Response to Astral Warp

While Ysoria can and does resist the effect of the Astral Plane on her human system, the results of prolonged exposure to the Astral Plane or use of her own magic results in something like an immune response to a virus or disease. She will often get fevers (which will not respond to magical healing, and has limited responsiveness to traditional medicine), and experience what she calls phantom swelling. She cannot explain it, but it essentially is something like what a person might experience with asthma, only rather than cutting off her air, it cuts off the astral part of herself. While this might not seem like a bad thing, her magical self is an essential part of her physiology -- she cannot survive without it. There is no physical symptom of this besides her fever, though a person able to sense magic will be able to tell the two sides are choking each other out.

Rest and not using her magic -- similar to a strained muscle or broken bone -- are essential to recovering her health. Like a physical injury, the length of time necessary for her to heal depends on how much she has strained herself.

It is possible for Ysoria to kill herself with the immune response.

Bad Multi-tasker

Perhaps it is due to her magical abilities, or perhaps it is just a quirk of her personality: Ysoria makes for a shitty multi-tasker. She gets jittery and tends to micro-manage herself and others, often focusing on the unimportant things rather than doing what is necessary for the big picture.

Fumble Prone

Ysoria isn't necessarily a clumsy person, but she's always had issues when it comes to finer dexterity. She's not trusted around sharp objects.


Though Ysoria knows she was born in the mountains of northern Apthoni, she doesn't know much else. She was raised communally in a small village after the age of five. From what she was told, her father was a man who left debts and more behind, and her mother a stranger who had settled in with the village for several years, and then wandered off again. She left Ysoria behind, along with her half-sister Diota. It didn't much matter to Ysoria whether or not either parent was still living, because she had Diota to love. They were trained as hunters, and though they had their childhood and teenagerhood spats, they were nigh inseparable.

Ysoria never had the dexterity and patience necessary to thrive as an archer, but Diota did. But what Ysoria did have was her magic. With it, she could use the stool or spoor left by wild game to lead her sister to their prey. They were successful enough that they eventually chose to leave the village, giving in to their wanderlust and curiosity of the wider world. Though they had always been welcomed, they were different, and nothing would ever change that. They wandered Apthoni for what was to them a long time, and it was during this time that Ysoria gained the love of her country -- and her initial dislike of dwarves.

But things changed, as they tend to do, and the wild game that the sisters depended upon grew scarce. They grew perilously close to being cast out on the streets when a bartender asked them why they hadn't thought to take up in Fiorenzia's military service or some such. They tried that, but were cast out when their mixed blood became evident. The fae were not welcome in any sort of official position, even one so lowly as a guard.

But by then they were more worldly, and by then they were desperate enough to do just about anything. So it was that they signed on with a bounty-hunting outfit. Neither looked back.

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Approved. Let's build out the bounty hunter's group to minimize abuse of what they can do AND so we can get some character classifieds up! :)

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