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Jormunder "Jory" Scarface

Jormunder "Jory" Scarface

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Name: Jormunder “Jory” Scarface

Age: 29

Race: Snow tiger Shifter

Physical Description:
In his human form, Jory stands at 6’0 (183cm) and weighs in at 170 pounds (77kg) of muscle on a medium frame. His hair is black and shoulder-length. His eyes are platinum blue. He is fair-skinned. Jory is often scruffy-faced. A scar cuts from his scalp to his eyebrow. He keeps himself clean and tidy, "well-groomed," even.


In his tiger-form, Jory is a large and powerful animal weighing in at 660 pounds (300kg). He is a little over 10 foot in length (3m) and stands around four foot (122cm) at the shoulder. His tail is an additional 3 feet in length. His fur is white, with the common black striped pattern on his fur. The scar is still visible in this form.

Jory also has an in-between shifted form, where he can retain the upright structure of the human build, but possesses the features of a tiger including fur, snout and teeth, ears, claws, and tail.

Powers or Strengths:

Tracker/Hunter: Jory is an expert tracker and hunter, especially in the woods to the north of Zhaltev. He is also expert at gutting, skinning, curing, and tanning the creatures he hunts.

Silence: If Jory doesn’t want you to hear him coming, you won’t. Whether in human form or tiger form, he moves with quiet grace and little wasted movement.

Self-sufficient: Jory is extremely self-sufficient in providing for himself, especially in his woodland environment. If he needs it, he makes it from food, clothing, and shelter to his hunting and tanning gear. If he can’t make it, he barters for it.
Physicality: He is a strong, excellent swimmer and runner with strong endurance. His has excellent hearing, sense of smell, and sight.

Weaknesses and Flaws:

Lack of Blood-oath: Tigers do not run in packs and do not naturally group together. Tigers will come together during the mating season, are known to share territories with other predator animals, and are known to share kills. Jory did not (and will not) take a blood oath. This means he is an outsider to the clan system of Zhaltev, which puts him at a disadvantage when dealing with most Zhaltevites. The scar on his head is a marker, indicating his refusal to take the oath.

Solitary: Tigers are solitary creatures and Jory is no exception. He likes living in solitude. Other people bother him. Large crowds of people, the city, all these things disconcert him and make him feel nervous, trapped, and on-edge. Too much noise, too many scents, and continued interaction with others all overwhelm him. From nervous pacing to outright violence, the longer he stays in such situations the worse his behavior becomes. His lack of regular interaction with others also tends to leave his social skills wanting. He may be physically attractive, but he is not a charmer, smooth-talker, or negotiator.

Literacy: Jory is not illiterate or stupid, but he is not a college graduate, either. Complex math, political intrigue, and too many words just aren’t his thing. His penmanship is atrocious and long documents require time for him to read and process. Strategic thinking applies only to planning out or stalking a kill.

Jory owns a small cabin, situated within the forest to the north of Zhaltev. The cabin has the usual, minimalist trappings: a bed, a fireplace, a sink, and a table with one chair. On the property one will also find a fresh water well, a near-by stream (not so close that it floods his property, mind) a rocky outcropping, a smokehouse, a mini-smithy, and a shed.

Jory is a hunter by trade, bartering for his needs with the pelts and meat he obtains. As such, he has all the necessary materials to facilitate his trade, including a cart (which he pulls himself in either tiger or human form), tanning frames, tanning knives and saws, field-dressing kit, hunting bow and arrows, traps, etc. He is an expert hunter and often sells beaver, ermine, and other fur animal pelts to Engar.


Jory's family emigrated from Norroenirlund to Zhaltev not long after Jory was born. As a child, Jory did not like the City, preferring the soothing atmosphere of the quiet woods. More and more often, Jory found himself in the woods, hunting. The benefit of his woodland explorations and experiences was the honing of his uncanny tracking and hunting abilities.

Adolescence brought on the usual hormonal explosion and resulted in more than one or fifty scuffles and fights. Adolescence also meant rites of passages and prompts to take the blood oath all Zhaltevites are expected to take. Jory refused and broke from his family, seeking to live on his own. Seeking to live a solitary life is not unusual for those of his shifter abilities, but refusal to take the oath was another matter all together. Jory was labeled "Outsider" and beaten by several of the males in his clan. As a final gesture, the leader dipped a claw in a homeopathic mixture used to delay the common healing properties all shifters possess, and dragged the claw over Jory's face to permanently mark Jory for his failure to comply.

Eighteen years later, Jory is possibly the most knowledgeable tracker and hunter in the Zhaltevian woods. He often sells beaver, ermine and other pelts to Engar. Jory is surprisingly well-off considering the spartan conditions of his home and his less than social nature. Money is a bother, though, because it must be spent where people are. He claims no clan, no clan claims him, and he is OK with that.

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